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From Robert Mahfoud <robert.mahf...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: LocalJobRunner and HBASE-2669 woes
Date Thu, 21 Apr 2011 02:20:38 GMT
On Wed, Apr 20, 2011 at 12:38 PM, Stack <stack@duboce.net> wrote:

> On Wed, Apr 20, 2011 at 12:18 PM, Robert Mahfoud
> <rmahfoud@mediosystems.com> wrote:
> > I'm upgrading our code base now to HBase 0.90.1 (CDH3-U0) from
> 0.89.something.
> > I'm facing a very hard time tracking failures in our unit tests and
> working around them. Here's the situation:
> >
> > 1- Many of our unit tests run in-process M/R jobs using the
> LocalJobRunner.
> > 2- We often do things before the M/R jobs and things afte the M/R to
> validate the outcome.
> > 3- With HBASE-2669 adding the HCM.deleteAllConnections(true) to the
> TableOutputFormat.close() method, any connections that were open before the
> M/R job will be closed.
> This came up last week.  There the user made a copy of TOF because
> this.table is private preventing changing how TOF#close works.  If we
> added an accessor for the table to TOF so you could override its close
> behavior, would that work for you?
Thanks for the suggestion. I'm going to try to do that and add a
configuration flag to the copied class. I will look for the update that
makes this.table protected.
I think that this wasn't a wise design choice since one wouldn't expect
using an "incidental" class (TOF) to have such a pervasive side effect.

Adding a configuration flag could also be a quick and easy fix until a
global solution emerges (maybe as part of HBASE-3766 or HBASE-37777).

> > Some issues I'm facing are much more subtle and harder to work around:
> e.g. it's impossible to run 2 M/R jobs in parallel (at least one of them
> using TableOutputFormat) because as soon as the first TableOutputFormat
> calls HCM.deleteAllConnections(...) the other's connections will be closed.
> >
> Yes.
> > The questions that I have are the following:
> > 1- Is there any simpler way to do the same thing?
> > 2- Are there any best-practices that we are missing, and that could help
> with this issue?
> We changed TOF.  It looks like messed up the case where folks are
> running multiple MR jobs all up in the one jvm context.
> > 3- Nothing turns up when we google "HBASE-2669 AND LocalJobRunner" and
> very few things come up when we google "HBASE-2669" alone. Do you know of
> anyone else facing a similar problem?
> > 4- Should there be a configuration flag that turns off this behavior when
> using the LocalJobRunner?
> >
> See above.
> Sorry for the inconvenience.
> St.Ack

Robert Mahfoud

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