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From Julio Lopez <jclo...@andrew.cmu.edu>
Subject Fwd: Help with NPE during bulk load (completebulkload)
Date Mon, 25 Apr 2011 06:17:13 GMT

For the bulk loads doc at http://hbase.apache.org/bulk-loads.html (in the "Importing the prepared
data using the completebulkload tool" Section), what about something along what's outlined
below?  This could also be included or referenced from the documentation for org.apache.hadoop.hbase.mapreduce.LoadIncrementalHFiles.

Now, with HBASE-3714, the proposed workaround should no longer be needed.





$ hadoop jar hbase-VERSION.jar completebulkload [-c /path/to/hbase/config/hbase-site.xml]
/user/todd/myoutput mytable

The '-c config-file' option can be used to specify a file containing the appropriate hbase
parameters (e.g., hbase-site.xml).  In addition, the CLASSPATH must contain the directory
containing the zookeeper configuration file.

This tool will run quickly, after which the new data will be visible in the cluster.


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> Date: April 24, 2011 10:26:38 PM EDT
> Subject: Re: Help with NPE during bulk load (completebulkload)
> Source: user@hbase.apache.org Archives
> Author: Stack
> http://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/hbase-user/201104.mbox/%3cBANLkTi=qXKGCN9mwAjxgk_qWhaCcVFzY+g@mail.gmail.com%3e
> On Sun, Apr 24, 2011 at 4:29 PM, Andy Sautins
> <andy.sautins@returnpath.net> wrote:
>>  If I'm reading it right it looks like JIRA-3714 addresses this issue.
> Yeah, it looks like https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HBASE-3714
>>  Thanks for including your workaround ( adding -c flag ).  That seems to be a better
> workaround than the one we were using.
> We should add this to the documentation Julio?  Mind providing example
> and where it should go in the doc (I'll do the rest).
> Thanks,
> St.Ack
>

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