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From Sean <seanatpur...@hotmail.com>
Subject Using the (GPLed) LZO codec in system and shipping products
Date Wed, 05 Jan 2011 19:41:52 GMT

Hi HBasers,
We are working on a product shipping to our customer as a commercial product, which is unlike
most of you guys who use it as an in-house tool and build solution on top of it internally.
Therefore, here I have a specific question about GPL licensing issue about the LZO codec.
(It is definitely not a concern to most of you guys, but I'd doubt check here)

First, here is how we use HBase. All of our development work is in application level, i.e.,
our business logic code runs within the JVM that an HBase client runs on (we have some M/R
code, but MR task JVMs are also simply HBase clients, so I'd say it's same as my Put/Delete
HBase logic).
I understand that the LZO codec and its Java wrapper are GPL licensed. And my limited understanding
toward GPL is that "you are required to GPL your code, i.e., open the source of it, if you
link your logic to the GPL modules", but you are not required to do so if your server communicate
to the GPL component with RPC/HTTP and etc.
Here is my understanding but I am not really sure about it:    1) RegionServer is the process
that uses ('links to') the LZO codec, and the JVM that HBase client runs in communicates with
RS (the process 'links to' GPL module) through RPCs.   2) Therefore, my business logic is
not shipped under the 'linked' mode.
So, I feel this is an OK case for me, i.e., I have not violate the GPL license. But I'd like
to doubt check with the experience community users. Please kindly provide your comments.
Many thanks,Sean 		 	   		  
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