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From Krishna Sankar <ksanka...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Hardware requirement for HBase/Hadoop - looking for fast 1TB disks
Date Wed, 05 Jan 2011 20:55:06 GMT
My favorites are the seagate 3.5" drives ST31000340AS & ST31000340NS.

On 1/5/11 Wed Jan 5, 11, "Dieter Reuter" <reuter.dieter@googlemail.com>

>I'm just trying to evaluate HBase/Hadoop on a small cluster.
>For the very first tests I just set up a cluster of 6 nodes on a single
>server, 1x Master/ZK/NN and 5x RS/DN. The setup process was quiet easy and
>straight forward with CDH3b3 on CentOS 5.5. Now I'm able to play around
>the basic operation. But for real performance tests I'll have to add fast
>disks and go for real hardware.
>>From the list I learned, to increase the disk throughput just use more
>disks/spindles. For this case I'd like to go for real nodes with 4x 1TB
>disks per node. I think 2TB disks are slower, and I really don't need 8TB
>per node for my POC. For now I just would select standard 7200 SATA disks
>like WD1003FBYX, WD1002FAEX or similar.
>But what type of 1TB disk gives me a good performance for a reasonable
>price? I can't find any recent comparison for the usage pattern with
>Any recommendations are welcome.

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