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From Yifeng Jiang <yifeng.ji...@mail.rakuten.co.jp>
Subject Filter for deprecated mapred APIs
Date Mon, 24 Jan 2011 09:31:06 GMT

I has a MyFilter class extends FilterBase, and a MyInputFormat extends
hbase.mapred.TableInputFormat, the deprecated mapred APIs.

It seems that the filter will not be invoke when there are only a few
data in the table.

This is the code in my InputFormat's configure method.

String startDate = job.get("key.startdate");
String endDate = job.get("key.enddate");
Filter filter = new MyFilter(sdf.parse(startDate), sdf.parse(endDate));

And the job setup code.

FileInputFormat.addInputPaths(job, "my_table_in_hbase");
job.set(TableInputFormat.COLUMN_LIST, "data:");

When I put lots of data (> 500,000) in the table, the filter works well,
but when I put only a few data (<100) in the table, the filter does not
function any all, and the log in the filter has no output either.

Is there something wrong in my code?
I'm using HBase0.90.0 and have put MyFilter in HBase's classpath.


Yifeng Jiang

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