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From Nathaniel Cook <nathani...@qualtrics.com>
Subject HBase Replication problems
Date Mon, 13 Dec 2010 18:52:40 GMT

I am trying to setup replication for my HBase clusters. I have two
small clusters for testing each with 4 machines. The setup for the two
clusters is identical. Each machine runs a DataNode, and
HRegionServer. Three of the machines run a ZK peer and one machine
runs the HMaster and NameNode. The cluster master machines have
hostnames (ds1,ds2 ...) and the slave cluster is (bk1, bk2 ...). I set
the replication  scope to 1 for my test table column families and set
the hbase.replication property to true for both clusters. Next I ran
the add_peer.rb script with the following command on the ds1 machine:

hbase org.jruby.Main /usr/lib/hbase/bin/replication/add_peer.rb
ds1:2181:/hbase bk1:2181:/hbase

After the script finishes ZK for the master cluster has the
replication znode and children of peers, master, and state. The slave
ZK didn't have a replication znode. I fixed that problem by rerunning
the script on the bk1 machine and commenting out the code to write to
the master ZK. Now the slave ZK has the /hbase/replication/master
znode with data (ds1:2181:/hbase). Everthing looked to be configured
correctly. I restarted the clusters. The logs of the master
regionservers stated:

This cluster (ds1:2181:/hbase) is a master for replication, compared
with (ds1:2181:/hbase)

The logs on the slave cluster stated:

This cluster (bk1:2181:/hbase) is a slave for replication, compared
with (ds1:2181:/hbase)

Using the hbase shell I put a row into the test table.

The regionserver for that table had a log statement like:

Going to report log # for position
15828 in hdfs://ds1:9000/hbase/.logs/ds1.internal,60020,1291757445059/

( is ds1)

I wait and even after several minutes the row still does not appear in
the slave cluster table.

Any help with what the problem might be is greatly appreciated.

Both clusters are using a CDH3b3. The HBase version is exactly

-Nathaniel Cook

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