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From Nanheng Wu <nanhen...@gmail.com>
Subject (Newbie) Use column family for versioning?
Date Thu, 25 Nov 2010 16:31:42 GMT

  I am very new to HBase and I hope to get some feedback from the
community on this: I want to use HBase to store some data with pretty
simple structure: each key has ~50 attributes. These data are computed
daily and loaded into HBase everyday. Almost all of the keys will have
updated values for some attributes, some keys may be delete and some
may be added. What I'd like to have is versioning on the dataset,
HBase will only serve queries using one of the versions and I will
have metadata to keep track of which version should be used. My
question is should I use a ColumnFamily for each version? I would need
to create new ColumnFamilies on every load, and occasionally remove
them if they are too old. Are ColumnFamilies meant to be used this


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