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From Mingjie Lai <mjla...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: HBase under Cygwin - config.xml problems
Date Mon, 11 Oct 2010 00:25:42 GMT

Guess there isn't a lot of people using cygwin for HBase. I used to run 
HBase on cygwin a long time ago, and kind of remember I saw the same issue.

Have you tried to keep the default values, such as

instead of windows-like path? I think it worked for my win7+cygwin but 
cannot verify now since I switched to linux eventually.


On 10/07/2010 10:25 AM, Paul Holmes wrote:
> Hi all,
> Wondering if someone could help me with a complete novice question... I'm
> trying to set up Hbase 0.20.6 under Cygwin on Win 7 Ult. x64. I've completed
> most of the steps at http://hbase.apache.org/docs/r0.20.6/cygwin.html, but
> I'm having problems configuring the file paths required. Specifically the
> following part:
> "HBase uses the ./conf/*hbase-default.xml* file for configuration. Some
> properties do not resolve to existing directories because the JVM runs on
> Windows. This is the major issue to keep in mind when working with Cygwin:
> within the shell all paths are *nix-alike, hence relative to the root /.
> However, every parameter that is to be consumed within the windows processes
> themself, need to be Windows settings, hence C:\-alike. Change following
> propeties in the configuration file, adjusting paths where necessary to
> conform with your own installation:
>     1. hbase.rootdir must read e.g. file:///C:/cygwin/root/tmp/hbase/data
>     2. hbase.tmp.dir must read C:/cygwin/root/tmp/hbase/tmp
> "
> I'm not sure what values to put for my install. At the moment I have HBase
> in C:/cygwin/usr/local/hbase-0.20.16. I created folders at the above
> locations (bar the 'root' folder, don't really understand why that's there),
> but when I try to run the start script I get the following:
> $ ./bin/start-hbase.sh
> : hostname nor servname provided, or not known
> starting master, logging to
> /usr/local/hbase-0.20.6/bin/../logs/hbase-Paul-Deskt
> op-master-Paul-Desktop.out
> localhost: bash.exe: warning: could not find /tmp, please create!
> localhost: /usr/bin/bash: /usr/local/hbase-0.20.6/bin/hbase-daemon.sh: No
> such f
> ile or directory
> Any help appreciated!
> Paul

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