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From Jonathan Gray <jg...@facebook.com>
Subject RE: what is the unit of the TTL in hbase and how often hbase remove expired regions?
Date Tue, 14 Sep 2010 01:06:32 GMT
The unit is seconds as outlined in HColumnDescriptor.  It's a little confusing because server-side
everything is milliseconds.  On the server, it is converted from the user-configured seconds
to milliseconds.

Also, HBase will never expire "regions", rather it expires individual versions of cells according
to their timestamps.

This is not enforced periodically, it is actually enforced constantly, so you should *never
see* an expired cell.  This does not mean it does not still exist on disk, it means it will
not be visible in user queries.  On a major compaction (default every 24 hours) HBase will
actually delete the expired cells.

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> From: Jinsong Hu [mailto:jinsong_hu@hotmail.com]
> Sent: Monday, September 13, 2010 3:52 PM
> To: user@hbase.apache.org
> Subject: what is the unit of the TTL in hbase and how often hbase
> remove expired regions?
> Hi,
>   I want to find out what is the unit for TTL in hbase. I googled
> around and
> found some people say it is microsecond.
> and I thought it was millisecond as that is java default. Then I
> searched
> hbase code and saw some test code treating
> the unit to be seconds.
>   I used a TTL=600000. if the unit is millisecond, then that means 10
> minute. However, I continue to insert records into
> this table, and found that the regions older than 10 minutes are not
> removed.
>   The question I have is , what is the unit for TTL. and the second
> question
> is, how often hbase checks all regions and
> remove expired regions.
> Jimmy

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