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From Luke Forehand <luke.foreh...@networkedinsights.com>
Subject Re: WARN add_table: Missing .regioninfo:.. No server address.. what to do?
Date Mon, 23 Aug 2010 20:30:10 GMT
Stuart Smith <stu24mail@...> writes:

> Hello,
>   I'm missing several .regioninfo files for several of my regions. Not sure
why or when. But after an addtable
> rebuild of the .META. entries - I get errors about "No server address listed
in .META. for region". 
> Which I guess would make sense if add_table failed to update the .META. table
for regions that were missing
> regioninfo files.
> However, this means my table is basically broken, since I get errors whenever
I'm running a task that reads
> from it.
> Any thoughts on recovery? This table is essential, and I'm losing a lot of
work if it's dead :(
> Take care,
>   -stu

Hi Stu,

I'm also interested in knowing exactly what it means when .regioninfo files are
missing.  We experienced this problem recently (we believe due to the region
server with META crashing), but we were unsure when the .regioninfo files went
missing, or if they were simply never written.  

Our current belief is, when our region server holding the meta table crashed,
other regions were still splitting but unable to update META, so when META
eventually came back online, it held references to parent regions that were gone
due to being split into daughters, and also META was not aware of the new
daughter regions.  It seems a lot like this issue:

We had to wipe the table and begin again... which is not a production solution.
 We have been tossing around an idea of backing up the META table after a batch
of imports and attempt to recover in that manner if necessary, but it's not
ideal.  I believe the HMaster rewrite scheduled for 0.92 would address this
issue.  https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HBASE-1816


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