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From Andrew Nguyen <andrew-lists-hb...@ucsfcti.org>
Subject RowCounter example run time
Date Sat, 22 May 2010 15:40:59 GMT

I finally got some decent hardware to put together a 1 master, 4 slave Hadoop/HBase cluster.
 However, I'm still waiting for space in the datacenter to clear out and only have 3 of the
nodes deployed (master + 2 slaves).  Each node is a quad-core AMD with 8G of RAM, running
on a GigE network.  HDFS is configured to run on a separate (from the OS drive) U320 drive.
 The master has RAID1 mirrored drives only.

I've installed HBase with slave1 and slave2 as regionservers and master, slave1, slave2 as
the ZK quorom.  The master serves as the NN and JT and the slaves as DN and TT.

Now my question:

I've imported 22.5M rows into HBase, into a single table.  Each row has 8 or so columns. 
I just ran the RowCounter MR example and it takes about 25 minutes to complete.  Is a 3 node
setup too underpowered to combat the overhead of Hadoop and HBase?  Or, could it be something
with my configuration?  I've been playing around with Hadoop some but this is my first attempt
at anything HBase.


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