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From Alex Thurlow <a...@blastro.com>
Subject Using HBase for logging
Date Mon, 24 May 2010 22:44:25 GMT
Hi list,
     With HBase's great write speed, I was thinking it would be a good 
thing to switch an app that logs to a database to logging to HBase.  I 
couldn't really find anyone else who's using it that way though.  Are 
there reasons I shouldn't?  If I should, how should I structure my data?

It's basically going to be data for an ad server, so the relevant stuff 
would be the timestamp, the id of the ad placement, and the id of the 
creative that showed.  Some other data would be stored, but I wouldn't 
need to search on it.

I would be wanting to make reports out of that data by date, 
date/placement id, date/creative id, date/placementid/creativeid

Should I just log with the timestamp as the key and then pull the whole 
range and filter when I need the data or should I log everything three 
times so I can pull by whichever key I need?

I'm fairly new to HBase, although I've used Cassandra some, so I have an 
idea of how this kind of works.  I just can't quite get my head around 
the right way to use it for this purpose.


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