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From nocones77-gro...@yahoo.com
Subject Re: Why windows support is critical
Date Mon, 01 Mar 2010 21:44:52 GMT

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> From: Jonathan Gray <jlist@streamy.com>
> To: hbase-user@hadoop.apache.org
> Sent: Mon, March 1, 2010 3:17:50 PM
> Subject: RE: Why windows support is critical
> What are the issues with developing w/ HBase on Windows 7 x64?  I'm doing
> that right now and nothing was any different from doing it on Windows XP
> x86.

Appears to be some sort of issue with IPv6, Windows' response to "localhost", and the way
Cygwin resolves it. I found this:


There is a work-around, and on hindsight I probably had it almost working. But at the time
I still 
didn't know enough about everything to fill in all the blanks properly (stand-alone zookeeper,
etc). After a while I changed direction, thinking that connecting to a standalone setup on
a remote Linux box would be easy enough. But this all still before I clued into the "no real
client Jar" and "can only connect to a fully-distributed installation" concepts. By then I
was so far down that route, I've just kept going...<shrug>

> I haven't run it to the point of actually doing a start-hbase.sh, but rather
> running things like HBaseClusterTestCase w/o a problem.

Interesting...Hadn't come across this approach to development on HBase yet. Doesn't solve
all my problems, but might be useful. I'll take a look at that class. Any other useful info/docs
you can point me to? 


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