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From Eran Kutner <e...@gigya-inc.com>
Subject Re: Questions while evaluating HBase
Date Fri, 05 Mar 2010 11:08:24 GMT
> Well we go through most of the problems, unless you use HBase in ways
> very different from ours (like 10x the machine and load), then you
> might hit issues. But, we are very helpful and usually fix issues in a
> very timely fashion. We are also always available in our IRC channel,
> #hbase on freenode.

I know that I've asked a few questions in IRC and you or someone else
usually answered in a few minutes. This may be a good opportunity to
thank you again for that :)

> It will be in 0.21, it's not production ready (we are using it on our
> processing cluster which, as you can guess, runs on hadoop 0.21 and
> hbase trunk... both unreleased). For 0.20... we'll see, depends on
> other stuff going on currently. The cyclic stuff still misses some
> parts (not that bad), selective replication is done on the family
> level and it's currently working.

My understanding is that 0.21 doesn't have an expected release date yet. Right?

> >
> > As for the issue with shutting down the master node, what I see is that
> > running "hbase-daemon.sh stop master" continues printing dots forever.
> > Looking at the code for that script, it is trying to run "./hbase master
> > stop". If I run that command manually it seems to ignore the stop parameter
> > and trying to load another instance of the server which fails in my case
> > because the server is already running and the JMX port is busy. There is
> > nothing in the log and the out file only has the exception thrown by the JMX
> > trying to bind to the busy socket.
> That is the problem. That bind happens when the JVM boots and makes it
> exit, so it really doesn't stop the master at all. 0.20.3 has a fix
> for that.

I am already using 0.20.3


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