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From nocones77-gro...@yahoo.com
Subject Re: Why windows support is critical
Date Mon, 01 Mar 2010 20:07:43 GMT
[apologies for the earlier rich text email...fixed]

Thanks for the replies. You've reaffirmed that I can figure it out, and I'm still working
toward it. 

The farther I get, the more I'm realizing it isn't really all that 
*complicated*...just really *different*. If all goes well, maybe I can 
help improve it someday. I still feel like I have a long way to go, 
however. I haven't posted questions thus far because I still don't know enough to know what
ask, and I don't want to be one of THOSE people. :-)

I've accomplished my intended goal of adding my "me too" regarding making HBase more newbie-friendly.
But few comments to the content in the replies:

> I haven't tried in a while but as far as I know you must run a
> fully-distributed operation to be able to connect from "outside".

This itself is a good example of the unclear documentation. The pseudo-distributed section
seems to indicate otherwise, but it doesn't really SAY this anywhere. I started coming to
this conclusion myself after spending lots of time reading log files and "reading between
the lines" in the documentation, but wasn't sure. I finally ended up deciding that I'd build
a fully-distributed instance anyway, just to sidestep the question completely. But that's
obviously not the easy path!

> As you have
> probably learned the hadoop "stack" does not really 
have a "client".

Yeah, same story as above.  The Java example program seems simple enough, but it is completely

missing any information about what config is needed to work "outside" the cluster.

Which leads me to my biggest issue so far: there's no concise, detailed documentation on config
properties/values. There's only bits of info scattered everywhere. This is especially important
considering that 
it is already difficult for a newbie to keep track of Hadoop vs. HBase 
vs. ZooKeeper as it is, much less trying to figure out how each property affects the interactions
between them.

> There are improvements planned to refactor out a client jar that 
> be easily used.

This alone would be awesome!

Thanks again,

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