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From Andrew Purtell <apurt...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Why windows support is critical
Date Sun, 28 Feb 2010 21:16:21 GMT
Since you have already decided to move I don't see the point in asking what your troubles were.
Suffice it to say I use HBase in all-localhost mode on a Windows development box every day
(though I do prefer to use my Ubuntu box whenever possible for other reasons). You can't effectively
run Hadoop+HBase on a cluster of Windows servers -- why the hell would you want to?? -- but
I can attest I personally have no problems running HBase on Windows for development and simple
functional validation. 

I would be still be interested in hearing what your problems were. If there are rough edges
I don't mind spending some time to smooth them. 

You do have to put on Cygwin to use Hadoop and HBase effectively on Windows, of course, (did
you?) but anyone who argues that might as well argue about the hassle of filling a pool with
water in order to swim. :-)

Also I note that MongoDB is a document oriented database while HBase/BigTable is a record
store. They have very different properties. What design criteria lead you to HBase, then to

   - Andy

----- Original Message ----
> From: Ravi <ravikapoor101@gmail.com>
> To: hbase-user@hadoop.apache.org
> Sent: Sun, February 28, 2010 8:01:49 AM
> Subject: Why windows support is critical
> Hi everybody,
> I want to bring up a critical issue i.e. windows support. Today I decided to 
> move away from hbase to mongoDB and I want to explain why and I hope this will 
> help the hbase team understand needs of users like me and ultimately a better 
> product.
> I am an entrepreneur working on a web application. I do not have big money or 
> big team. So while I am trying to move a mountain, I want the path of least 
> resistance and want a DB that does not pose additional challenges.
> Ultimately I found hbase to be more difficult to install and API to be difficult 
> to use on my windows machine (where I am doing the development). After 
> struggling for a few days, I realize that I am losing steam and I better choose 
> a path of least resistance and I am switching to mongoDB.
> I do think that hbase is currently ahead. Mongo DB is missing a few critical 
> features for a large website. However if I lose steam, there wouldnt be a 
> website.
> So I request the hbase team to think if users like me and windows development 
> environment is important enough for the team. A one click install on windows and 
> mongoDB like driver would go a long way to compete with other DBs.
> I hope that helps
> Ravi


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