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From "Jeyendran Balakrishnan" <jbalakrish...@docomolabs-usa.com>
Subject HBase as DB tier for Tomcat - best practices to instantiate HTables?
Date Sat, 16 Jan 2010 01:35:04 GMT
What's the best way to instantiate HTables when the HBase cluster is
being accessed from client code running inside a Tomcat web app? The web
app dooes the typical CRUD operations [but no table alteration]. 

I read from the lists some time ago that instantiating a HTable in
servlet request is not advisable, since instantiating HTable is a bit
slow [accesses the meta regions?]. 

So is the best practice for web apps to instantiate a HTable once at
startup and cache in the servlet context, and re-use it every request? 

In that case, is this thread safe [since each request spawns a different
thread]? On the other hand, syncing on the single HTable instance at the
web application level also slows down requests when contending for this
one instance. 

Also, is holding on to a single HTable instance in a long-running web
app a reliable approach? 

Or is it better to bite the bullet and instantiate an HTable per request
after all?

Finally, has anybody looked into or have some kind of HTable pool [like
DB connection pools], which is a sort of medium between one HTable per
web app and one HTable per request?

Any advice on best practices from the community would be greatly


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