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From Paul Smith <psm...@aconex.com>
Subject HBase Utility functions (for Java 5+)
Date Tue, 15 Dec 2009 03:41:04 GMT
Just wondering if anyone knows of an existing Hbase utility library that is open sourced that
can assist those that have Java5 and above.  I'm starting off in Hbase, and thinking it'd
be great to have API calls similar to the Google Collections framework.  If one doesn't exist,
I think I could start off a new project in Google Code (ASL it).  I think Hbase is targetted
< Java 5, so can't take advantage of this yet internally.

The sorts of API functions I thought would be useful to make code more readable would be something

        HTable hTable = new TableBuilder(hbaseConfiguration).withTableName("foo")
                .withSimpleColumnFamilies("bar", "eek", "moo").deleteAndRecreate();


        ResultScanner scanner = new ResultScannerBuilder(hTable).withColumnFamilies(
		"family1", "family2").build();

taking advantage of varargs liberally and using nice Patterns etc.  While the Bytes class
is useful, I'd personally benefit from an API that can easily pack arbitrary multiple ints
(and other data types) together into byte[] for RowKeyGoodness(tm) ala:

byte[] rowKey = BytePacker.pack(fooId, barId, eekId, mooId);

(behind the scenes this is a vararg method that recursively packs each into into byte[] via
Bytes.add(byte[] b1, byte[] b2) etc.

If anyone knows of a library that does this, pointers please.


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