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From Jonathan Gray <jl...@streamy.com>
Subject Re: two times more regions after update
Date Wed, 21 Oct 2009 16:52:14 GMT
While you set the max versions to 1, that is only enforced on major 

So re-inserting all the data will actually mean you have double the data 
for some period of time.  After a certain amount of time, a major 
compaction will occur in the background, and at that point only 1 
version would remain.

When that happened, you would still be left with 84 regions, but they'd 
be half the size that they were after you re-inserted the data.

Make sense?


guillaume.viland@orange-ftgroup.com wrote:
> Hello, i would appreciate explanations concerning the following point.
> I have an indexed table of 25M rows (44 regions after initial data insertion). The IndexedTable
has been created with all the default attributes except that all columns are set with MaxVersions
to 1. Only one column is indexed.
> After one whole update of the table with exactly the same data (a kind of rewrite of
the whole table), the table ended up with 84 regions. In my mind, I should have stayed (more
or less) with the same amount of region ?
> Thanks in advance.
> Guillaume Viland (guillaume.viland@orange-ftgroup.com)
> FT/TGPF/OPF/PORTAIL/DOP Sophia Antipolis
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