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From stack <st...@duboce.net>
Subject Re: Settings
Date Thu, 27 Aug 2009 15:46:11 GMT
On Thu, Aug 27, 2009 at 3:23 AM, Lars George <lars@worldlingo.com> wrote:

> Hi Stack,

>  I'd rather fix the description so its clear rather than add extra info out
>> in a wiki; wiki pages tend to rot.
> I agree, but as mentioned in my earlier post the question is also how to
> communicate what are required, what commonly changed (and to what and why),
> which are more rarely changed and finally which are hardly touched ever.

I think the required should be in the 'Getting Started' section.

What to do about the other degrees is a little harder.

We could break up hbase-default by degree putting the rarely changed into an

We could drop options that are never changed or that look useless (if you
really need to change them, you can find them in the src): e.g.
hbase.master.meta.thread.rescanfrequency, hbase.regionserver.info.port.auto,
hbase.regionserver.msginterval, etc.

We could make hbase-client-default.xml and hbase-server-default.xml or
partition in some other way that made sense.

(I believe you can xinclude or some equivalient files for hadoop

> OK, as Andrew also points out. And not even sure anymore why I have it on
> the DN side as well. Maybe back then it was like "hey, let's try this as
> well"?

Yes.  We have done lots of this in the past and will probably continue to do
so going forward ("Try X!").

>  - hbase.regionserver.lease.period => 600000
>>> Default was changed from 60 to 120 seconds. Over time I had issues and
>>> have
>>> set it to 10mins. Good or bad?
>> There is an issue to check that this is even used any more. Lease is in zk
>> now.  I don't think this has an effect any more.
> Interesting. Should be removed from hbase-default.xml then?

There is an issue to do so IIRC.

> This raises another question I wanted to ask. Wouldn't make sense to print
> out unknown settings as a WARN at startup?

That'd be nice but we probably ain't that disciplined and perhaps you want
to pollute your config. with "unknowns"?  (e.g. you are a subclass of hbase
as are THBase and ITHBase?).  I suppose we could read in the
hbase-default.xml and any config. not present there would be flagged?  What
about hadoop configs?  Read in the hadoop hdfs|common|etc|-xml and flag any
not present there?


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