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From bharath vissapragada <bharathvissapragada1...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Indexed Table in Hbase
Date Mon, 17 Aug 2009 16:57:47 GMT
I got it ... I think this is definitely useful in my app because iam
performing a full table scan everytime for selecting the rowkeys based on
some column values .

BUT ..

 we can have more than one rowkey for the same column value .Can you please
tell me how they are stored .

Thanks in advance

On Mon, Aug 17, 2009 at 9:27 PM, Jonathan Gray <jlist@streamy.com> wrote:

> It's not an actual hash or btree index, but rather secondary indexes in
> HBase are implemented by creating an additional HBase table.
> If I have a table "users" (row key is userid) with family "data" and column
> "email", and I want to index the value in that column...
> I can create a table "users_email" where the row key is the email address
> (value from the column in "users" table) and a single column that contains
> the userid.
> Doing an "index lookup" would mean doing a get on "users_email" and then
> using that userid to do a lookup on the "users" table.
> IndexedTable does this transparently, but still does require two queries.
>  So it's slower than a single query, but certainly faster than a full table
> scan.
> If you need hash-level performance on the index lookup, there are lots of
> solutions outside of HBase that would work... In-memory Java HashMap, Tokyo
> Cabinet on-disk HashMaps, BerkeleyDB, etc... If you need full-text indexing,
> you can use Lucene or the like.
> Make sense?
> JG
> bharath vissapragada wrote:
>> But i have read somewhere that Secondary indexes are somewhat slow
>> compared
>> to normal Hbase tables ..Does that effect the performance ?
>> Also do you know the type of index created on the column(i mean Hash type
>> or
>> Btree etc)
>> On Mon, Aug 17, 2009 at 8:30 PM, Kirill Shabunov <e2k_1@yahoo.com> wrote:
>>  Hi!
>>> As far as I understand you are talking about the secondary indexes. Yes,
>>> they can be used to quickly get the rowkey by a value in the indexed
>>> column.
>>> --Kirill
>>> bharath vissapragada wrote:
>>>  Hi all ,
>>>> I have gone through the IndexedTableAdmin classes in Hbase 0.19.3 API ..
>>>>  I
>>>> have seen some methods used to create an Indexed Table (on some
>>>> column)..
>>>> I
>>>> have some doubts regarding the same ...
>>>> 1) Are these somewhat similar to Hash indexes(in RDBMS) where i can
>>>> easily
>>>> lookup a column value and find it's corresponding rowkey(s)
>>>> 2) Can i find any performance gain when i use IndexedTable to search for
>>>> a
>>>> paritcular column value .. instead of scanning an entire normal HTable
>>>> ..
>>>> Kindly clarify my doubts
>>>> Thanks in advance

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