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From tim robertson <timrobertson...@gmail.com>
Subject Informal Meetup - San Fran area 6,7,8 September?
Date Fri, 14 Aug 2009 16:46:25 GMT
Hi All,

I'm going to be in the San Fran area the 6,7,8 September and would
love the chance to meet with some of the HBase users, developers if
anyone is interested?

I work with a Global Biodiversity Information network (GBIF) that has
several thousand databases publishing data using well defined XML
standards.  We crawl and build an index of this information that
currently resides in Mysql, and has 180million records in each of the
2 largest tables; and we are outgrowing mysql.  We already use Hadoop
to do various processes, but are about to try HBase as the backend
store after doing various tests recently.  We are not a huge cluster
(16 nodes) but I think we are a nice case study, and because we are
able to document openly and freely it could be something to reference
from the HBase wikis.  We are building search indexes, running
statistical reports, annotating records (geocoding, quality control)
creating maps (e.g. tile layers) etc so the output is technically
quite interesting and the data is used for all kinds of scientific
analysis.  All our code is open source.

We are a small team (3-4 developers) so would very much like the
opportunity to pick the brains of others.  We are keen to help improve
HBase as well; probably more in the testing capacity than committing
due to our workloads, but will do whatever we can.



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