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From Bryan Duxbury <br...@rapleaf.com>
Subject Re: Best practices in ID generation?
Date Wed, 08 Jul 2009 18:24:38 GMT
Not necessarily in context of hbase, but Rapleaf uses UUIDs/GUIDs,  
since they are crazy fast to generate and have no dependencies on  
external resources.

In the context of hbase, a benefit of UUIDs is that they will be  
randomly distributed over your whole table, instead of consistently  
showing up in the last region in the table.


On Jul 8, 2009, at 11:10 AM, Jonathan Gray wrote:

> There are a number of different ways you could generate IDs.
> Some people use GUIDs, probably the simplest way, though not my  
> recommendation.
> ZooKeeper as a facility for ID generation.
> Here, we use HBase for ID generation.  Currently in production,  
> which is running on 0.19, I run a custom patch that works very much  
> like incrementColumnValue does in 0.20.  When moving to 0.20 I plan  
> on migrating our ID assignment system to the built-in ICV.
> You can expect about a 1ms end-to-end time on an increment  
> operation, so if you need to generate more than 1000 ids/second,  
> you need to think about how to distribute it across multiple rows  
> or you could grab them in batches (increment by 100 to generate 100  
> ids at a time, still takes 1ms).
> Hope that helps.
> JG
> Vaibhav Puranik wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Does anybody have any suggestion/best practices on id/row/key  
>> generation for
>> HBase rows?
>> Do people use sequential ids (like rdbms - 1,2,3,4...) or people use
>> strings  ids?
>> What id server do you use? Do we have to write our own?
>> Any help/experiences please?.
>> Regards,
>> Vaibhav

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