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From Eric Tschetter <eched...@gmail.com>
Subject 0.20 REST interface
Date Fri, 24 Jul 2009 01:37:49 GMT
I've been exploring HBase recently and had originally set up a 0.19
cluster for prototyping, heard that 0.20 has all sorts of performance
enhancements and setup another 0.20 cluster on a separate dev
environment.  Everything appears to be working fine, excepting that
the REST API appears to be non-existent.

I'm not sure if I have to do anything special to make it work, but
from what I can tell there should be a servlet under


However, whenever I access that it just loads up a directory listing of


If I try to access anything under /api/, it returns 404s.

The javadoc for org.apache.hadoop.hbase.rest doesn't appear to be
different from 0.19 (it does list the default port as 60050 instead of
60010), so I'm not sure if I am missing some new configuration or if
there is something else wrong.

None of the updates since the revision I built from seem to touch
org.apache.hadoop.hbase.rest, though some of them deal with stargate.
Is the old API gone?


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