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From schubert zhang <zson...@gmail.com>
Subject strange region name, is it right?
Date Sat, 28 Feb 2009 10:56:23 GMT
I have being used HBase and Hadoop for 5 months.

My testbed have 5node(1mastar and 4slaves)

1. I use the TeraGen mapreduce job of hadoop examples, to generate files
with random key-value paires.
    I just create a 1G data and  another 10G data for later test.

2. Then write a job to read these TeraGen files and insert each record's
key-value to a HBase table.
    (create 'sort1g', {NAME => 't', VERSIONS => 1}
     (create 'sort10g', {NAME => 't', VERSIONS => 1}
    I want use this insert jobs to simulate the TeraSort, since HBase
automatically sort rows.

3. after finish the insert jobs. On the web interface of HBase, I found
following strange thing:

Name Region Server Encoded Name Start Key End Key
sort10g,%ql`{^8Bcf,1235730412828   nd2-rack0-cloud:60020   155375382
 %ql`{^8Bcf   &YK&Uop0a=
sort10g,&YK&Uop0a=,1235730749832  nd1-rack0-cloud:60020  1574155935
 &YK&Uop0a=  'B'Zp+!]Tb
sort10g,'B'Zp+!]Tb,1235730749832  nd1-rack0-cloud:60020  395792177
 'B'Zp+!]Tb  ()o:
sort10g,()o:  nd1-rack0-cloud:60020  1176340729  ()o:  (qYp"7;j2$
sort10g,(qYp"7;j2$,1235730731006  nd1-rack0-cloud:60020  2143364419
 (qYp"7;j2$  )Z/?>:ZM3Z
sort10g,)Z/?>:ZM3Z,1235730853698  nd2-rack0-cloud:60020  440987412
 )Z/?>:ZM3Z  *BuVHF#1ME
sort10g,:Qt-(8;Y>i,1235730441379   nd1-rack0-cloud:60020   1461025497
 :Qt-(8;Y>i   ;;Vg!IT[d"
sort10g,;;Vg!IT[d",1235730461102  nd1-rack0-cloud:60020  36776992
 ;;Vg!IT[d"  <$#
sort10g,<$#  nd1-rack0-cloud:60020  1430043392  <$#
sort10g,  nd3-rack0-cloud:60020  1176532237   =VyK?xTtI`
sort10g,=VyK?xTtI`,1235730334262  nd3-rack0-cloud:60020  1165072084
 =VyK?xTtI`  >A274Dj=vU
sort10g,s#Y}pGP|{3,1235730476424   nd1-rack0-cloud:60020   1728348677
 s#Y}pGP|{3   soWA+0=0Ao
sort10g,soWA+0=0Ao,1235730487163  nd1-rack0-cloud:60020  1275380223
 soWA+0=0Ao  t\<
sort10g,t\<  nd1-rack0-cloud:60020  2080592534  t\<  uI-1OW2g=t
sort10g,uI-1OW2g=t,1235730515195  nd1-rack0-cloud:60020  232566103
 uI-1OW2g=t  v6'-_5E]7'

In above lines, some look not like normal:
sort10g,()o:  nd1-rack0-cloud:60020  1176340729  ()o:  (qYp"7;j2$
sort10g,<$#  nd1-rack0-cloud:60020  1430043392  <$#
sort10g,  nd3-rack0-cloud:60020  1176532237   =VyK?xTtI`
sort10g,t\<  nd1-rack0-cloud:60020  2080592534  t\<  uI-1OW2g=t

Coud you please tell me it is right or not.

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