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From "Jonathan Gray" <jl...@streamy.com>
Subject RE: Hbase cluster configuration
Date Tue, 03 Feb 2009 20:48:42 GMT
Yes, you can of course add more disk space so you do not need as many nodes
to support the dataset.

However, the ability for a regionserver to scale to 4000 regions is largely
unknown (and almost certainly impossible with 0.19 release).  With a dataset
that large you might increase region size from 256MB up to 1GB or so and
then you'd be back to 1000 regions per node.

Andrew Purtell has done the most experimentation with respect to scaling an
individual regionserver, but you'll need to do some of your own
experimentation to see how that would work with your setup.

Amount of memory and number of xceivers will depend on your dataset and the
version you're running on.  Memory usage is largely tied to index sizes (not
including writes/memcache and any caching) and currently those are directly
related to key and value size.  Xceivers will hopefully change dramatically
with HADOOP-3856 but this will likely be an issue with scaling the number of
regions on a single RS until it's fixed in the Datanode.


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> From: Michael Dagaev [mailto:michael.dagaev@gmail.com]
> Sent: Tuesday, February 03, 2009 12:11 PM
> To: hbase-user@hadoop.apache.org
> Subject: Re: Hbase cluster configuration
> Thank you, Jonathan. I should have done the math :)
> > You would need ~40 nodes just to support 3X replication on HDFS.
> With about
> > 250GB per node, you would have around 1000 regions per node.
> Ok. Can I add just more disk space to the existing nodes
> instead of adding nodes to the cluster ?
> For instance, if I want 10 nodes rather than 40, I will add 1TB per
> node.
> Thus, I will have 4000 regions per node and I will have to increase
> the number of xceivers.
> Should I add more memory to the nodes as well ?
> > With 7.5GB of memory on each node, if you can give 3-4GB to the
> > RegionServer, you should be able to handle that number of regions and
> have
> > sufficient memory for indexes and some caching.
> How much memory do I need to handle 1000 regions ?
> >  With 0.19.0 hadoop and hbase, you'll be hitting xceiver issues for
> sure,
> How many xceivers should I have
> > but this should be
> > resolved for the 0.20 release, at which point I am confident we could
> handle
> > that load.
> Thank you for your cooperation,
> M.

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