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From Wesley Chow <wes.c...@s7labs.com>
Subject Re: Building an Hadoop & Hbase Cluster
Date Sun, 14 Dec 2008 17:13:50 GMT

>> 3. Can I run the NameNode and the HBaseMaster on the same machine?

> 3. No, that would make 2 SPOFs at the same place. (but we are  
> currently
> integrating Zookeeper in HBase so the HMaster SPOF will be fixed  
> hopefully
> in 0.20)

Isn't it the case that if the NN goes down then HBase doesn't function  
properly? If so, then from the perspective of HBase reliability, you'd  
want to have the HBaseMaster on the same machine as NN, because that  
would make a single machine a point of failure, whereas having them on  
separate machines would mean you'd have 2 machines that are each  
single point of failures.


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