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From Przemek <prze...@subrecord.org>
Subject Re: create table is time consuming
Date Sun, 16 Nov 2008 09:13:06 GMT
Michael Stack wrote:
> Things take a while usually because messaging is done on a period; most
> of the elapsed time is just waiting on the period to pass.  See in
> src/test where we have an hbase-site.xml with different config. from
> hbase defaults.  Most of the config. here are tunings to make stuff run
> faster in the unit test case.  See also how when we run unit tests, we
> put the src/test folder ahead of all else on CLASSPATH in build.xml so
> this "test" hbase-site.xml is the one favored when unit tests run.  You
> might want to do similar?

I guess we do so - like I said it is inspired by the HBase tests - tuned
xmls are just taken from you :) Seems it can't be much faster. Anyway
now we do starting the cluster w/o formatting FS and path is fixed, so
tables remain and the problem is gone (lazy init of filesystem and
tables). Thanks.


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