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From Michael Stack <st...@duboce.net>
Subject Re: create table is time consuming
Date Sat, 15 Nov 2008 21:42:03 GMT
Things take a while usually because messaging is done on a period; most 
of the elapsed time is just waiting on the period to pass.  See in 
src/test where we have an hbase-site.xml with different config. from 
hbase defaults.  Most of the config. here are tunings to make stuff run 
faster in the unit test case.  See also how when we run unit tests, we 
put the src/test folder ahead of all else on CLASSPATH in build.xml so 
this "test" hbase-site.xml is the one favored when unit tests run.  You 
might want to do similar?


Przemek wrote:
> Jean-Daniel Cryans wrote:
>> Przemek,
>> Just delete all rows in your tables. Unless you create thousands of rows, it
>> should be faster.
>> J-D
> imho tests should not depend on any "prepared" or "assumed" state (all
> should be created in setUp and closed in tearDown - ideally of course),
> so setUp instantiates MiniHBaseCluster for us which does not have any
> state (schema/data). there are no tables just after it starts and to be
> honest it is ok :) you helped me anyway as I noticed that my directory
> was relative to "target" and was cleaned by Maven :) setting it
> somewhere else + format FS to false will let me keep the state between
> tests however it is not very agile/tdd - still better than creating
> filesystem and schema everytime. thanks.
> Przemek

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