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From Przemek <prze...@subrecord.org>
Subject Re: HBase related project
Date Mon, 06 Oct 2008 20:11:49 GMT
stack wrote:
> Looks excellent!


> Would suggest you add it under the 'related projects' on the hbase main
> wiki page.

not sure if I have write access there. of course a good idea, i'd love to

> What can we do to help out the subrecord effort?

anything :) we've just started, it's just a draft, a sketch we've been
I believe it is only a matter of time to implement that, but
we're not there yet. I'm not a fan of starting a project from
marketing/docs, but the main complaint of the new devs asking me to join
was "where is that damn specification/docs" :)

> Whats the hbase schema (Pardon me, I didn't look at src code).

hm... what schema are you asking about?

> You have hbase in a maven repo somewhere? (or is it bundled with
> subrecord or do you have to install that first)?

we've got jars build from HBase trunk code in our project maven repo.
the same for Lucene. HBase is not bundled w/ Subrecord as we have
nothing official to distribute yet. oh, there is something you can run,
but not in any "release" sense

> Minor:
> Run the spellchecker -- e.g: '...no loger that trivial...', 'attributte'.

it must hurt English spoken folks eyes, I know :) like you see I'm to
busy to even run spellchecker ;)


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