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From "Ding, Hui" <hui.d...@sap.com>
Subject RE: More examples for using hbase
Date Wed, 10 Sep 2008 19:43:00 GMT
Hi Stack,

Thanks for your response!

What do you mean by unit tests have lots of exercise? Can you be a
little bit more specific?
I will look at the REST package, thanks!

Right now I just want to explore whether and how hbase can accommodate
the traditional relational query operators in an efficient/scalabe way.
For example, can I easily retrieve the rows whose column A has a value
equal to/greater than something? Or should I iterate through all rows
and check?

Also, I guess hbase+mapreduce is not good for performing joins, so how
should one organize the data to avoid performing joins? More
specifically, say I have
lots of movie info, each contains a number of stars that are in the
movie.  Should I repeatedly store every star's info for every movie row?
Or should I have another table just for the stars? Maybe I haven't
jumped out of the RDBMS model to fully realize the power of

Thanks a lot!

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Subject: Re: More examples for using hbase

Ding, Hui wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am a newbie to hbase, and I am just wondering where can one find
> examples of using hbase, other than the simple one given in the
> Started"?
> I have read the bigtable paper, hbase architechture doc etc.
Unit tests have lots of exercise of the hbase API.  That might be of

Otherwise, you could look at REST/thrift implementations under the 
respective packages for how they grapple the hbase API.

What you need?  Maybe we can do some sketchs for you here up on this


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