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From "Chris Paterson" <cjrpater...@googlemail.com>
Subject Slow inserts
Date Tue, 12 Aug 2008 13:09:07 GMT
Hey all,

I'm trying to insert a large number of rows into my table (about 5000)
and it's proving very slow - ~2 seconds / row. The data's very simple,
with IP addresses being used as the row key and a single 10-character
string as the data (under a single column family, "Details", and
column, "PhoneNo"). There's also a timestamp (long) representing time
since the epoch.

Below's the program I'm running to insert:

Text text = new Text(rowKey);
long lockid = tbl.startUpdate(new Text(rowKey));
tbl.put(lockid, new Text("Details:PhoneNo"), new Text(data));
tbl.commit(lockid, timestamp);

If anyone can see anything wrong with that I'm doing, please let me know!

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