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From stack <st...@duboce.net>
Subject Re: Should I pass on HBase for this project? (for now)
Date Mon, 05 May 2008 19:36:52 GMT
Daniel Leffel wrote:
> At this point, I'm at a crossroads and beginning to think that I will need
> to leave HBase behind because I can't spend another week with no progress on
> this project.
> So, I ask the question(s) I posed in the beginning.
>    - Maybe HBase is just not equipped to do what I want it to do
220M might be a bit much for 3 servers.   At least, I do not know of any 
one who has loaded these  numbers up into a 3-node cluster.

>    - Maybe HBase is just still too unstable and it will do what I need it to
>    do at some point in the future

HBase is green for sure but stability is our immediate, primary target. 
  We'll drop all to fix correctness and stability bugs in the 0.1 branch.

Unfortunately, you have tripped over a couple of our ugly issues of 
late.  We're trying to fix them as fast as they turn up.  The last time 
we chatted, HBASE-478 was in your way.  We hope to put up a new 0.1.2 
candidate release this evening or so with a fix for it.

>   - Maybe I'm just a freaking idiot

This I cannot help you with but from correspondence so far, I'd guess 
you are not (smile).

> Can someone please point me in the right direction?

Any chance of our working closer together?  Can you pass us full logs at 
DEBUG from one of your upload runs?  We'd like to help you (and 
ourselves) by figuring whats failing.  Can you hang on the hbase IRC 
channel so we can give you faster turnaround?

Out of interest, have you upped the filehandle ulimit on your machines 
above the default 1024 (See FAQ for more on this)?

I understand if you cannot devote more time to hbase, especially when 
its been frustrating up to this, but we need fellas like you with your 
problems if we're going to make hbase better.   Let us help you out.

Thanks Daniel,

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