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From stack <st...@duboce.net>
Subject Re: remote connection to hbase
Date Fri, 21 Mar 2008 15:15:30 GMT
B connections will not show in A logs unless there is an error.

Can you connect to A from A using a java client or hql?

What do you have for your hbase.master?  Is it A's hostname and port 
60000 as in "A:60000"?  (It should not be localhost if you want to 
connect from a remote host).

If A is up and running and confirmed running by your connecting from A, 
then go to B.  Set the hbase.master to be same as you have on A -- e.g. 
A:60000 -- and then your java client or hql client should connect (Or 
run the shell as follows: ./bin/hbase shell --master:A:60000).


cure@g.pl wrote:
>> Yes u can connect remotely to Hbase. For that
>> 1. Hbase version on both machines.
>> 2. Both machines should have similiar Hbase configuration .
>> 3. HMaster should be running on node A for accepting connections from B.
>> Just try this out and also check the Hadoop logs directory for Hbase
>> related errors.
>> Also if error persists please cut paste the actual logs and error
>> troubling you.
>    i understand all you wrote, but on host A i still see that hbase port
> 60000 is closed - there are no footprints in logs on host A, that
> client from B try to connect hbase on A. ( i have no firewall's enabled
> ).
>    is it necessary to start hbase on B host ?
>    I want to have hadoop and hbase on linux host A, and client to hbase on
> Windows host B.

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