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From stack <st...@duboce.net>
Subject Re: Problems compiling with 0.16.1 jar
Date Sun, 16 Mar 2008 20:14:41 GMT
Its not you.  Fault is ours.  We need to do up some documentation to 
help folks cross the transition of hbase as hadoop contrib to instead 
being a subproject of hadoop.

Here are a few quick notes that hopefully get you going in the meantime.

The short answer is that you need to build yourself a hbase jar with the 
0.1 branch source at 
https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/hadoop/hbase/branches/0.1 and use that 
instead of the hadoop-0.16.1-hbase.jar.  The hbase ant jar tasks 
produces a jar named hbase-0.1.0-dev.jar under the hbase build.   Use 
this to fix the missing dependency.   You will probably also have to 
change your hbase-site.xml.  Where the root.dir property has the path to 
where hbase is in hdfs -- e.g. /hbase -- well, now, it needs to be 
qualified with the filesystem to use.  E.g: 
hdfs://YOUR_NAMENODE:NAMENODE_PORT/hbase (i.e. use the hadoop-site.xml 
fs.name.default as a prefix).

Here's the longer answer

Since hbase became a subproject, hbase development no longer happens at 
Also, no hbase changes have been committed to the hadoop 0.16.0 branch 
under src/contrib/hbase since the hadoop 0.16.0 release.

When we were made a subproject, a month or so ago, all hbase development 
moved to https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/hadoop/hbase.  Almost 
immediately, we made the 0.1 branch in hbase.  Our 0.1 branch is 
intended to ride along on top of the hadoop 0.16 branch and its in this 
location in svn where we are adding fixes to the hbase that is in hadoop 
0.16 branch.  Our intent is to make a release soon off this branch.  It 
will be called 0.1.0.  Think of the hbase 0.1.0 release as the hbase 
that would have been released as part of hadoop 0.16.1 if we were still 
a contrib project.  We hope to put up a release candidate this coming week.

Other changes of note are that hbase now wants to stand apart from 
hadoop.   Now it sits outside rather than under hadoop and at runtime, 
with configuration, you tell it where the hadoop to use is.   When 
cocooned by hadoop, we could just read up a couple of levels in the 
directory hierarcy to read the hadoop-*.xml files to figure what hdfs to 
use or to satisfy build-time dependencies.  Now you need to supply that 
info in hbase-site.xml -- hence, the changed root.dir semantics -- and 
hbase now bundles all it needs under lib, including the hadoop core jar.

We'll do up a better story before release but hopefully the above 
suffices for now.


Naama Kraus wrote:
> Hi All,
> I've downloaded hadoop-0.16.1-hbase.jar from
> http://hadoop.apache.org/core/releases.html
> I try to implement a simple program, and I am stuck in the following line of
> code:
> BatchUpdate b = new BatchUpdate(new Text(k));
> My compiler complain that the above constructor is undefined. It is only
> familiar with the default constructor.
> Can anyone hint on what am I doing wrong ?
> Thanks, Naama

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