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From alexthomp...@sitelabs.com
Subject Newbie user questions
Date Mon, 03 Mar 2008 03:01:48 GMT
<html><body><br>Newbie user questions. Can you correct me if I am wrong in
my following statements:<br><br>I have looked into querying against hBase and
come up with a few paths to do this, from the hBase shell I can use HQL, from code I am limited
to scanners which are roughly analogous to cursors, I 'obtain' a scanner and iterate over
a table starting at a row, and once I have a row I can test values in columns.<br><br>Thus
for a 'SQL' type join I can fire up 2+ scanners on different tables and iterate over both
testing as I go - performance problems?, is there a more efficient way to do this or are scanners
innately efficient?<br><br>One other thing I can't see is the return value for
a query, do I build my own collection and hand it back to my calling methods - or do we have
some helper collection objects ( I noticed 'formatter') to do this.<br><br>Cheers,
Alex. Any help much appreciated.<br></body></html>

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