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From David Alves <dr-al...@criticalsoftware.com>
Subject RegExpRowFilter with multiple conditions on rows matching both
Date Sun, 10 Feb 2008 01:03:11 GMT
Hi All!

First of all congrats for the great piece of software.
I have a table with two column families (A,B) each with a column when I
build a RegExpRowFilter to select only rows whose columns A AND B match
the criteria (lets say A:a = 1 and B:b = 2) all the rows are filtered.
This is strange because if I build the map required by the constructor
with only one or the other of the conditionals the rows that match won't
be filtered, meaning that if they pass one and the other conditionals in
different runs the should pass them both in the same run right?

More concisely when running with both conditionals they are able to pass
the filter() method for both columns but fail to pass the
filterNotNull() method. The debug log tells me that the
TreeMap<Text,byte[]> passed to filterNotNull() by the HStore scanner
doesn't contain both columns at the same time (the method is called two
time first with one column and then with the other).

Finally when running with only one of conditionals the filterNotNull()
method still returns true once but returns false the second time
(therefore returning the record) meaning that not all columns of the
same row are passing through the cycle.

David Alves

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