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From "Hadoop QA (JIRA)" <j...@apache.org>
Subject [jira] [Commented] (HBASE-14825) HBase Ref Guide corrections of typos/misspellings
Date Tue, 24 Nov 2015 10:24:11 GMT

    [ https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HBASE-14825?page=com.atlassian.jira.plugin.system.issuetabpanels:comment-tabpanel&focusedCommentId=15024203#comment-15024203

Hadoop QA commented on HBASE-14825:

{color:red}-1 overall{color}.  Here are the results of testing the latest attachment 
  against master branch at commit afc5439be59c1ee74df8a6965cc2c4aad408ee3f.
  ATTACHMENT ID: 12774003

    {color:green}+1 @author{color}.  The patch does not contain any @author tags.

    {color:green}+1 tests included{color}.  The patch appears to include 22 new or modified

    {color:green}+1 hadoop versions{color}. The patch compiles with all supported hadoop versions
(2.4.0 2.4.1 2.5.0 2.5.1 2.5.2 2.6.0 2.6.1 2.7.0 2.7.1)

    {color:green}+1 javac{color}.  The applied patch does not increase the total number of
javac compiler warnings.

    {color:green}+1 protoc{color}.  The applied patch does not increase the total number of
protoc compiler warnings.

    {color:green}+1 javadoc{color}.  The javadoc tool did not generate any warning messages.

    {color:green}+1 checkstyle{color}.  The applied patch does not increase the total number
of checkstyle errors

    {color:green}+1 findbugs{color}.  The patch does not introduce any  new Findbugs (version
2.0.3) warnings.

    {color:green}+1 release audit{color}.  The applied patch does not increase the total number
of release audit warnings.

    {color:red}-1 lineLengths{color}.  The patch introduces the following lines longer than
    +* If the task is in `TASK_UNASSIGNED` state, the worker attempts to set the state to
`TASK_OWNED` by itself.
+* 12 -> Yes, because the previous file has been included, and because this does not exceed
the max-file limit of 5
+* 12 -> Yes, because the previous file had been included, and because this does not exceed
the max-file limit of 5.
+As discussed above writes only go to the primary region replica. For propagating the writes
from the primary region replica to the secondaries, there are two different mechanisms. For
read-only tables, you do not need to use any of the following methods. Disabling and enabling
the table should make the data available in all region replicas. For mutable tables, you have
to use *only* one of the following mechanisms: storefile refresher, or async wal replication.
The latter is recommended.
+When a secondary region replica first comes online, or fails over, it may have served some
edits from its memstore. Since the recovery is handled differently for secondary replicas,
the secondary has to ensure that it does not go back in time before it starts serving requests
after assignment. For doing that, the secondary waits until it observes a full flush cycle
(start flush, commit flush) or a “region open event” replicated from the primary. Until
this happens, the secondary region replica will reject all read requests by throwing an IOException
with message “The region's reads are disabled”. However, the other replicas will probably
still be available to read, thus not causing any impact for the rpc with TIMELINE consistency.
To facilitate faster recovery, the secondary region will trigger a flush request from the
primary when it is opened. The configuration property `hbase.region.replica.wait.for.primary.flush`
(enabled by default) can be used to disable this feature if needed.
+      Whether asynchronous WAL replication to the secondary region replicas is enabled or
not. If this is enabled, a replication peer named "region_replica_replication" will be created
which will tail the logs and replicate the mutations to region replicas for tables that have
region replication > 1. If this is enabled once, disabling this replication also      requires
disabling the replication peer using shell or ReplicationAdmin java class. Replication to
secondary region replicas works over standard inter-cluster replication. So replication, if
disabled explicitly, also has to be enabled by setting "hbase.replication"· to true for this
feature to work.
+Any -1 on a patch by anyone vetoes a patch; it cannot be committed until the justification
for the -1 is addressed.
+Let's presume your Hadoop shipped with a native library that suits the platform you are running
HBase on.
+Where the JVM looks to find native libraries is "system dependent" (See `java.lang.System#loadLibrary(name)`).
On linux, by default, is going to look in _lib/native/PLATFORM_ where `PLATFORM`      is the
label for the platform your HBase is installed on.

  {color:green}+1 site{color}.  The mvn post-site goal succeeds with this patch.

    {color:green}+1 core tests{color}.  The patch passed unit tests in .

Test results: https://builds.apache.org/job/PreCommit-HBASE-Build/16649//testReport/
Release Findbugs (version 2.0.3) 	warnings: https://builds.apache.org/job/PreCommit-HBASE-Build/16649//artifact/patchprocess/newFindbugsWarnings.html
Checkstyle Errors: https://builds.apache.org/job/PreCommit-HBASE-Build/16649//artifact/patchprocess/checkstyle-aggregate.html

  Console output: https://builds.apache.org/job/PreCommit-HBASE-Build/16649//console

This message is automatically generated.

> HBase Ref Guide corrections of typos/misspellings
> -------------------------------------------------
>                 Key: HBASE-14825
>                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HBASE-14825
>             Project: HBase
>          Issue Type: Bug
>          Components: documentation
>    Affects Versions: 2.0.0
>            Reporter: Daniel Vimont
>            Assignee: Daniel Vimont
>            Priority: Minor
>             Fix For: 2.0.0
>         Attachments: HBASE-14825-v2.patch, HBASE-14825-v3.patch, HBASE-14825-v4.patch,
HBASE-14825-v5-test.patch, HBASE-14825-v6.patch, HBASE-14825.patch, HBASE-14825_misty_example.patch
>   Original Estimate: 2h
>  Remaining Estimate: 2h
> Found the following list of typos/misspellings on the book.html page, and thought I would
make corrections to the appropriate src/main/asciidoc files in which they are located. (This
is just a good opportunity for me to become familiar with submission of fixes/patches as a
prelude to beginning to make some coding contributions. This is also my first submission to
the JIRA system, so corrections to content/conventions are welcome!)
> [Note: I see that [~misty]  may be in the midst of a reformatting task -- HBASE-14823
--  that might involve these same asciidoc files. Please advise if I should wait on this task
to avoid a possibly cumbersome Git reconciliation mess. (?)]
> Here is the list of typos/misspellings. The format of each item is (a) the problem is
presented in brackets on the first line, and (b) the phrase (as it currently appears in the
text) is on the second line.
> ===================
> ["you" should be "your", and "Kimballs'" should be "Kimball's" (move the apostrophe)
in the following:]
> A useful read setting config on you hadoop cluster is Aaron Kimballs' Configuration Parameters:
What can you just ignore?
> [Period needed after "a"]
> a.k.a pseudo-distributed
> ["empty" is misspelled]
> The default value in this configuration has been intentionally left emtpy in order to
honor the old hbase.regionserver.global.memstore.upperLimit property if present.
> [All occurrences of "a HBase" should be changed to "an HBase" -- 15 occurrences found]
> ["file path are" should be "file paths are"]
> By default, all of HBase's ZooKeeper file path are configured with a relative path, so
they will all go under this directory unless changed.
> ["times" -- plural required]
> How many time to retry attempting to write a version file before just aborting. 
> ["separated" is misspelled]
> Each attempt is seperated by the hbase.server.thread.wakefrequency milliseconds.
> [space needed after quotation mark (include"limit)]
> Because this limit represents the "automatic include"limit...
> [space needed ("ashbase:metadata" should be "as hbase:metadata")]
> This helps to keep compaction of lean tables (such ashbase:meta) fast.
> [Acronym "ide" should be capitalized for clarity: IDE]
> Setting this to true can be useful in contexts other than the other side of a maven generation;
i.e. running in an ide. 
> [RuntimeException missing an "e"]
> You'll want to set this boolean to true to avoid seeing the RuntimException complaint:
> [Space missing after "secure"]
> FS Permissions for the root directory in a secure(kerberos) setup.
> ["mutations" misspelled]
> ...will be created which will tail the logs and replicate the mutatations to region replicas
for tables that have region replication > 1.
> ["it such that" should be "is such that"]
> If your working set it such that block cache does you no good...
> ["an" should be "and"]
> See the Deveraj Das an Nicolas Liochon blog post...
> [Tag "<ame>" should be "<name>"]
> <ame>hbase.coprocessor.master.classes</name>
> [Misspelling of "implementations"]
> Those consumers are coprocessors, phoenix, replication endpoint implemnetations or similar.
> [Misspelling of "cluster"]
> On upgrade, before running a rolling restart over the cluser...
> ["effect" should be "affect"]
> If NOT using BucketCache, this change does not effect you.
> [Need space after "throw"]
> This will throw`java.lang.NoSuchMethodError...
> ["habasee" should be "hbase"]
> You can pass commands to the HBase Shell in non-interactive mode (see hbasee.shell.noninteractive)...
> ["ie" should be "i.e."]
> Restrict the amount of resources (ie regions, tables) a namespace can consume.
> ["an" should be "and"]
> ...but can be conjured on the fly while the table is up an running.
> [Malformed link (text appears as follows when rendered in a browser):]
> Puts are executed via Table.put (writeBuffer) or link:http://hbase.apache.org/apidocs/org/apache/hadoop/hbase/client/Table.html#batch(java.util.List,
java.lang.Object[])[Table.batch] (non-writeBuffer).
> ["regions" should appear only once:]
> Thus, the middle regions regions will never be used.
> ["spliting" should be "splitting"]
> To make pre-spliting work with this example keyspace...
> These two regions are in SPLITING_NEW state initially.
> ["mailing" misspelled]
> search the mailling list for conversations on this topic.
> ["lets" should be "let's" (contraction)]
> Now lets run the same test...
> ["an other" should be "another"]
> A secondary index could be created in an other table...
> ["a" should be "an"]
> for a ORDER table.
> ["compatibility" misspelled]
> Care should be taken with this approach to ensure backward compatibilty in case the object
model changes...
> ["compatibility" misspelled]
> ...but the cons include the aforementioned warning about backward compatiblity of serialization...
> ["overwrite" misspelled]
> so that they would not overwite with each successive update.
> ["ths" should be "the"]
> The backticks (` symbols) cause ths shell to execute the sub-commands...
> ["There" should be "The"]
> There job would be defined as follows...
> ["on on" should be "or on"]
> This can either be done on a per-Job basis through properties, on on the entire cluster.
> ["implementing" misspelled]
> implement a custom authentication by implemening Hadoop AuthenticationHandler...
> ["actual" misspelled]
> The HBase server knows the acutal/real user of each request.
> ["access" misspelled]
> Allow accesss to users associated with the fulltime label.
> ["An" needed at beginning of sentence]
> RDBMS can scale well, but only up to a point...
> [Apostrophe needed in "it's" contraction]
> Its been cleaned up and users are returned Interfaces...
> [Sentence revision required]
> The following is example of testing equivalence a column to a String value "my value"
> [should be (inserting "an" and "of")]
> The following is an example of testing equivalence of a column to a String value "my
> ["hundred" needs to be singular]
> The former never uses more than a few hundreds bytes...
> [Apostrophe misplaced ("region's"), and space missing (before "files")]
> Those reference files will point to the parent regions'files.
> [Apostrophe needed for "that's"]
> When hbase.hlog.split.skip.errors is set to false, we fail the split but thats it.
> [duplicate "if"]
> If if a worker's current task's node data is changed...
> [duplicate "is"]
> If the task is is in TASK_UNASSIGNED state...
> [duplicate "the"]
> If the worker is shutting down, set the the task to state TASK_RESIGNED.
> [duplicate "the" -- NOTE that there are two occurrences of this phrase]
> ...this does not exceed the the max-file limit of 5
> ["programmatically" misspelled]
> ...advanced users may want to generate data programatically...
> [Apostrophe missing "let's"]
> ...lets look at the above diagram...
> ["recommended" misspelled]
> The latter is recommeded.
> [Improper apostrophe should be removed -- "its" is the correct possessive of "it"]
> ...it may have served some edits from it's memstore.
> ["mutations" misspelled]
> ...which will tail the logs and replicate the mutatations to region replicas...
> [duplicated "set"]
> You can set set the consistency for Gets and Scans and do requests as follows.
> ["providing" misspelled]
> A larger value will benefit reads by provinding more file handlers per mob
> ["coalesces" misspelled]
> The Sweeper tool oalesces small MOB files or MOB files with many deletions or updates.
> [Apostrophe missing "let's"]
> Now lets look at an example where we will end up doing two scans on HBase.
> ["Dynamic" header misspelled]
> Dynammic
> ["with" duplicated]
> Endpoints Coprocessor written in version 0.94 are not compatible with with version 0.96
or later 
> ["you" misspelled]
> ...if your are upgrading your HBase cluster from version 0.94...
> [duplicate and extraneous "the" (should be no definite article at all -- should be simply
"available to HBase")]
> Loading of Coprocessor refers to the process of making your custom Coprocessor implementation
available to the the HBase...
> ["implementing" misspelled]
> ...fully qualified class name of your class implmenting the Coprocessor...
> ["directory" misspelled]
> ...'hbase-site.xml' file (generally located under 'conf' directiory):
> ["classpath" misspelled]
> Put your code on classpth of HBase...
> [capitalization incorrection for "HTableDescriptor"]
> Using HtableDescriptor
> ["version" misspelled -- several occurrences of this]
> HBase verion...
> ["the" duplicated -- all inappropriate occurrences of "the the" should be corrected --
there are 7 occurrences]
> If the the switches in your rack...
> ["characteristics" misspelled]
> The CAP Theorem states that a distributed system can maintain two out of the following
three charateristics:
> ["the" duplicated]
> This is a different processing problem than from the the above case.
> ["on the" transposed]
> a new attribute Scan.HINT_LOOKAHEAD can be set the on Scan object.
> ["given" should be "give"]
> Enabling the RPC-level logging on a RegionServer can often given insight on timings at
the server.
> ["That's" contraction needs apostrophe]
> (Thats right, for hadoop.ipc, NOT, hbase.ipc)
> ["it's" contraction needs apostrophe]
> ...the longer the collections take but if its too small...
> ["etc." needs a period]
> (like put, delete, scan, etc)
> ["the" misspelled as "tne"]
> ...to recreate the table's state at that time of tne snapshot.
> ["gory" misspelled]
> ...double entry in master listing of servers for gorey details.
> ["Enterprise" misspelled]
> Six Enerprise SATA disks
> ["print" misspelled]
> ...you can pring the contents of a WAL...
> ["input" misspelled]
> For ImportTsv to use this imput file...
> ["It's" contraction needs apostrophe]
> Its usually hostname but can also be FQDN.
> ["multiple" misspelled]
> ...gracefully stopping mutiple RegionServers concurrently.
> ["multiple" misspelled]
> ...decommissioning mulitple nodes may be non-optimal...
> ["its" possessive should not have apostrophe (in two places)]
> Enable the table replication switch for all it's column families.
> Disable the table replication switch for all it's column families.
> ["reaches" misspelled]
> ...or the reader reaces the end of the WAL...
> [space needed after comma and after period]
> There are two types of queues,fifo and deadline.To configure the type of queue used...
> ["throughput" misspelled]
> ...driven by required thoughput for reads and/or writes.
> ["search" misspelled]
> seach for HBase on the Apache Git page.
> ["occurred" misspelled]
> An Ant BuildException has occured...
> ["functionality" misspelled]
> You can set up IntelliJ IDEA for similar functinoality as Eclipse.
> ["useful" misspelled]
> It would be userful to mirror the eclipse set-up instructions for other IDEs.
> ["peculiarity" misspelled]
> This seems to be a maven pecularity that is probably fixable...
> ["artifact" misspelled]
> Note that Hadoop-3.0.0-SNAPSHOT does not currently have a deployed maven artificat...
> ["earlier" misspelled]
> In earilier versions of Apache HBase...
> ["It's" contraction needs apostrophe]
> Its not an error.
> ["incompatibility" misspelled]
> ...address a critical incompatability...
> ["applied" misspelled]
> ...should be appled to the new tag.
> [space needed after period]
> ...matching for each of the groups.This would look something like...
> [spaced needed after "Exceptions"]
> ExceptionsThere are currently...
> ["period" misspelled]
> ...and there will be a transition periond.
> ["Created" needs period and space after it]
> Determine How a Patch Was CreatedIf the first few lines...
> ["the build" needs a space]
> ...commits do not break thebuild or tests...
> ["version" misspelled]
> What verion of ZooKeeper should I use?
> ["vetoes" misspelled]
> Any -1 on a patch by anyone vetos a patch;
> ["dependency" misspelled]
> ...model your Maven depency after one of the following...
> ["run" duplicated]
> You may also want to run run hbck a few times...
> ["file" misspelled]
> If this flie is missing...
> ["Let's" contraction needs apostrophe]
> Lets presume your Hadoop shipped...
> ["libraries" misspelled]
> Where the JVM looks to find native librarys...
> [spaces needed after "section" and "to"]
> The offset of the sectionthat we need toload...
> ["first" duplicated]
> The offset of the first first data block.
> ["for" duplicated]
> ...asks for for a Service the server does not support...
> ["i.e." needs period]
> The CellBlock is optionally used ferrying the bulk of the RPC data: i.e Cells/KeyValues.
> ["preceded" misspelled]
> ...all requests and responses preceeded by a length...
> ["hadoop's" possessive needs apostrophe]
> Uses hadoops compression codecs.
> ["Hadoop's" possessive apostrophe misplaced]
> Hadoops' CompressionCodec Interface.

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