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From Sean Busbey <bus...@apache.org>
Subject [DISCUSS] we need to take action if we want asf jenkins managed tests after Aug 15 2020.
Date Mon, 20 Jul 2020 17:49:33 GMT
Hi folks!

Back in April there was a brief discussion[1] about ASF Infra's
notification that builds.a.o is going away and we are currently slated
to migrate to a set of CI servers for "Hadoop and related projects".
This is the ci farm that will contain the bulk of the H* worker nodes
that are donated by Yahoo!, which are the nodes we've been running on
for ages[2].

Migration discussion still happens on the hadoop-migrations@i.a.o
list[3] and recently ASF Infra set a target date of August 15th for
turning off the existing builds.a.o server[4].

That gives us a little under 4 weeks to have things up and working on
the new ci-hadoop.a.o jenkins coordinator[5]. it’s not clear to me
that the level of effort we’ll need to spend is worth what we get out
of a continuation of the status quo on builds.a.o. I did a quick test
by updating the nightly job on ci-hadoop.a.o to run just branch-2,
since that has been stable on builds.a.o. It failed with a Jenkins
pipeline DSL syntax error[6] so I'm assuming migrating will be a slog.

As far as I can see our options are:

* Do nothing. Have no testing or automated website publication in mid August.
* Transition website publication and nothing else (probably can be
done in a day)
* Transition just precommit testing for various repos (probably can be
done in a few days)
* Transition everything (no idea how long it takes due to nightly,
flaky stuff, etc)

The alternatives if we do not transition any given job to ci-hadoop:

* Try to move to GitHub Actions
* Try to move to Travis CI
* Try to move to Jenkins infra we maintain ourselves (presumably by
soliciting project specific donations for worker nodes on cloud

It's important to remember that as a project we have a heavy footprint
wherever our nightly tests run. For context, a given branch's nightly
can keep 3-4 executors busy for 6+ hours on the current builds.a.o
setup. There's been a bunch of great work lately on bringing down what
it takes to run the full test suite, but applying that work to nightly
is itself a significant undertaking.

What are folks thinking? Most importantly who is ready to work towards
any given approach?

[1] [DISCUSS] Migrating HBase to new CI Master

[2] https://builds.apache.org/view/H-L/view/HBase/

[3] https://lists.apache.org/list.html?hadoop-migrations@infra.apache.org

[4] [IMPORTANT] - 2 more HADOOP nodes migrated over to ci-hadoop

[5] https://ci-hadoop.apache.org/job/HBase/

[6] https://ci-hadoop.apache.org/job/HBase/job/HBase%20Nightly/job/branch-2/2/console

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