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From Sean Busbey <bus...@apache.org>
Subject [NOTICE] project repository URLs have changed
Date Wed, 09 Jan 2019 18:30:45 GMT
Hi folks!

Our project has now transitioned from the old "git-wip" process to the
current ASF infra preferred "gitbox" repository hosting[1].

The main practical impact for most folks day-to-day is that you will
need to update your git remote url[2]; this is true both for
contributors who want to see up to date changes as well as committers
who wish to push changes.


git remote set-url origin https://gitbox.apache.org/repos/asf/hbase.git

This presumes that you are in the working directory of your git
checkout and that you refer to the main repo as the default remote
name "origin".

Out of the box, this repository URL should be set to work with the
same credentials, if any, you previously used to interact with the old
git-wip repository. You should be able to both fetch and push as you
have previously done.

Note that under the gitbox service it is possible for committers to
enable write access to the GitHub repository[3]. By doing so a
committer could work directly with the GitHub PR interface instead of
doing so indirectly as we have historically done. We have an ongoing
discussion and documentation effort for how we as a community want to
handle that work[4]. I'd ask that interested folks participate in said
discussion and everyone hold off using our new write access to GitHub
until we've documented the consensus position.

The changes also impact our "hbase-site" and "hbase-thirdparty"
repositories. The gitbox URLs for those repositories are analogous to
the one I gave above for the main repo. There is no change to the
"hbase-operator-tools" repository, as it has always been on the gitbox

If you notice an automated process break and it looks related to git,
please ping myself and/or Peter Somogyi and we'll help fix any fallout
from this transition.


[1]: ASF Infra is decommissioning the "git-wip" project and has
required all projects move to the gitbox service. There's more
explanation in the thread "[DISCUSS] move to gitbox"

[2]: This isn't true if you already use a remote that points at
github. That repository should continue to see updates.

[3]: After enabling a sync between your ASF identity and your GitHub
identity, the GitHub repo is writable. Committers have "maintainer"
access and can both configure the repository settings and push commits
directly to GitHub.

[4]: HBASE-21701 'Accept pull requests from contributors'

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