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From Andrew Purtell <apurt...@apache.org>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Apache HBase 1.4.2 is now available for download
Date Fri, 02 Mar 2018 02:09:02 GMT
The HBase team is happy to announce the immediate availability of Apach‚Äče
HBase 1.4.2!

Apache HBase is an open-source, distributed, versioned, non-relational
database. Apache HBase gives you low latency random access to billions of
rows with millions of columns atop non-specialized hardware. To learn more
about HBase, see https://hbase.apache.org/.

Download through an ASF mirror:


HBase 1.4.2 is the third release of the new HBase 1.4 line, continuing on
the theme of bringing a stable, reliable database to the Apache Big Data
ecosystem and beyond.

For instructions on verifying ASF release downloads, please see


Project member signature keys can be found at


Thanks to all the contributors who made this release possible!

A list of the 23 issues resolved in this release can be found at
https://s.apache.org/aGcb . Important changes include:

HBASE-19770 Add '--return-values' option to Shell to print return values of
commands in interactive mode

    Introduces a new option to the HBase shell: -r, --return-values. When
    shell is in "interactive" mode (default), the return value of shell
    commands are not returned to the user as they dirty the console output.
    For those who desire this functionality, the "--return-values" option
    restores the old functionality of the commands passing their return
    to the user.

HBASE-19900 Region-level exception destroy the result of batch

    This fix makes the following changes to how client handle when both of
    action results and region exceptions are returned.

    1) Honor the action result rather than region exception. If the action
       has both of true result and region exception, the action is fine as
       the exception is caused by other actions which are in the same

    2) Honor the action exception rather than region exception. If the
       action has both an action exception and a region exception, we deal
       with the action exception only. If we also handle the region
       for the same action, it will cause the count of actions in progress
       go negative and AsyncRequestFuture#waitUntilDone will block forever.

HBASE-20017 BufferedMutatorImpl submit the same mutation repeatedly

    This change fixes multithreading issues in the implementation of
    BufferedMutator. BufferedMutator should not be used with 1.4 releases
    prior to 1.4.2.

The HBase Dev Team

HBASE-17448 Export metrics from RecoverableZooKeeper
HBASE-18282 ReplicationLogCleaner can delete WALs not yet replicated in
case of a KeeperException
HBASE-19728 Add lock to filesCompacting in all place.
HBASE-19770 Add '--return-values' option to Shell to print return values of
commands in interactive mode
HBASE-19871 delete.rb should require user to provide the column
HBASE-19876 The exception happening in converting pb mutation to
hbase.mutation messes up the CellScanner
HBASE-19877 hbase-common and hbase-zookeeper don't add the log4j.properties
to the resource path for testing
HBASE-19886 Display maintenance mode in shell, web UI
HBASE-19892 Checking 'patch attach' and yetus 0.7.0 and move to Yetus 0.7.0
HBASE-19900 Region-level exception destroy the result of batch
HBASE-19901 Up yetus proclimit on nightlies
HBASE-19905 ReplicationSyncUp tool will not exit if a peer replication is
HBASE-19917 Improve RSGroupBasedLoadBalancer#filterServers() to be more
HBASE-19934 HBaseSnapshotException when read replicas is enabled and online
snapshot is taken after region splitting
HBASE-19937 Ensure createRSGroupTable be called after ProcedureExecutor and
LoadBalancer are initialized
HBASE-19949 TestRSGroupsWithACL fails with ExceptionInInitializerError
HBASE-19972 Should rethrow  the RetriesExhaustedWithDetailsException when
failed to apply the batch in ReplicationSink
HBASE-19979 ReplicationSyncUp tool may leak Zookeeper connection
HBASE-19981 Boolean#getBoolean is used to parse value
HBASE-19996 Some nonce procs might not be cleaned up (follow up HBASE-19756)
HBASE-20008 [backport] NullPointerException when restoring a snapshot after
splitting a region
HBASE-20017 BufferedMutatorImpl submit the same mutation repeatedly
HBASE-20027 Add test TestClusterPortAssignment

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