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From Josh Elser <els...@apache.org>
Subject [DISCUSS] Plan to avoid backup/restore removal from 2.0
Date Wed, 08 Nov 2017 04:30:53 GMT

I've been working with Vlad and Ted offline to make sure we have a plan 
that addresses the implementation gaps Vlad sees and the 
barriers-for-entry previously stated to keep the feature in HBase 2.0. 
My hope is that this can be an honest discussion given 2.0-beta 
timelines, with a concrete action plan. I'm trying my best to not 
re-hash the logic/reasoning/caveats behind previous concerns; anything 
folks feel is a blocker that I haven't covered below is unintentional.

The list:

1. Documentation. It must be updated and committed, ensuring it covers 
the details operators/architects need to know to use it effectively 
(HBASE-16574). Vlad will help with content, myself and/or Frank will get 
it updated to asciidoc.

2. Distributed testing missing. Vlad has taken my previous document on 
goals and translated that into an implementation outline[1]. Ted and I 
have already weighed in -- I believe it hits the salient points for the 
quality of testing we're looking for. I'll get started on this while 
Vlad does #4 (after consensus on approach, of course). Needs JIRA issue 

3. Operator utility to verify backups. In abstract, this should just be 
the same guts of a tool like VerifyReplication. In practice, this should 
be the same code that #3 uses (if not _actually_ the same guts as 
VerifyReplication). The hope is that this will be encapsulated 
(time-wise) by #3. Needs JIRA issue (maybe?).

4. Polish DistCP for bulk-loaded files/fault-tolerance (HBASE-17852). I 
don't have specifics here -- will rely on Vlad to correct me if there's 
a better JIRA issue to track than the aforementioned. Will rely on 
details to show up the JIRA issue to track it.

Current due dates:

1. End of week (2017/11/10)
2. Before US Thanksgiving (2017/11/22)
3. Same as #2
4. Same as #1

My current thought is that this is reasonable for implementation times, 
and would not derail the rest of the beta-1 train. I appreciate the 
patience from all parties, and I hope that those trying to make this 
better can find a little more time to give some feedback. Thanks for the 
long read if nothing else.

- Josh


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