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From Josh Elser <els...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [DISCUSSION] Items to purge from branch-2 before we cut hbase-2.0.0-beta1.
Date Wed, 01 Nov 2017 19:41:55 GMT
On 11/1/17 3:25 PM, Vladimir Rodionov wrote:
>>> I've not done in-depth research so could be wrong about backup, but from
> my
>>> perch, I've seen the recent filings against backup, HBASE-19104-19109,
>>> which strike me as pretty basic missing facility. The new issues go
> without
>>> comment (caveat a single question). I've seen no evidence of extensive
> test
>>> (scale?). The last issue I looked at has backup putting up two system
>>> tables with presumptions about assignment order we do not (as yet)
> support.
>>> I've always had trouble eliciting state of the feature; summary of
>>> capability and what is to do are hard to come by.
> 1. HBASE-19104 - 19109
> None of them are basic, Stack. These requests came from SF after discussion
> we had with them recently
> No single comments is because I was out of country last week.
> 2. Backup tables are not system ones, they belong to a separate namespace -
> "backup"
> 3. We make no assumptions on assignment order of these tables.
> As for real scale testing and documentation , we still have time before
> 2.0GA.  Can't be blocker IMO

I think I've put my foot in my mouth here, haven't I.

I'm reminded of the last discussion we had on the subject (pre-alpha 
releases?) in which I agreed that we should get some scale testing done. 
I remember putting some thought into what "backup's ITBLL" could look 
like, but I think it got stalled.


Should this be the gate for inclusion for 2.0? I think all known 
fault-tolerance issues given the current implementation are addressed 
(as Vlad was saying earlier). Maybe there are still bugs lingering, but 
that's the state of uncertainty we deal with, isn't it?

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