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From Josh Elser <els...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [VOTE] First hbase-2.0.0-alpha-2 Release Candidate is available
Date Fri, 18 Aug 2017 20:45:00 GMT
+1 (binding)

* Saw the same unit test failures as Andrew did (obviously)
* Ran a brief randomWrite PE locally and didn't have any obvious issues

I took a glance at the contents of the lib/ dir for the bin tarball, and 
noticed that we seem to be duplicating a few dependencies (e.g. 
jetty-util, javax.servlet*, jersey*, aopalliance*). It probably wouldn't 
be a bad idea to proactively look at these and compare to a 1.x release 
(for licensing purposes)

On 8/16/17 4:43 PM, Stack wrote:
> The first release candidate for HBase 2.0.0-alpha-2 is up at:
>    https://dist.apache.org/repos/dist/dev/hbase/hbase-2.0.0-alpha-2RC0/
> Maven artifacts are available from a staging directory here:
>    https://repository.apache.org/content/repositories/orgapachehbase-1173
> All was signed with my key at y 8ACC93D2
> <http://pgp.mit.edu/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0x9816C7FC8ACC93D2>
> I tagged the RC as 2.0.0-alpha-2RC0
> (7149f999786b6fd5a3fc1f7aec1214afb738925e)
> hbase-2.0.0-alpha-2 includes all that was in alpha-1 (new assignment
> manager, offheap read/write path, in-memory compactions, etc.) plus a
> return to branch-1 deploy mode where master carries no regions (branch-2
> and master up to this had master carrying system tables), a purge of all
> checked-in generated content, updates to all dependencies including a move
> to rely on new hbase-thirdparty lib for relocated versions of guava, netty,
> and protobuf, etc.
> This is a rough cut ('alpha'), not-for-production preview of what
> hbase-2.0.0 will look like meant for devs and downstreamers to test drive
> and flag us early if we messed up anything ahead of our rolling GAs.
> The list of features addressed in 2.0.0 so far can be found here [4]. There
> are about 2700+. The list of ~500 fixes in 2.0.0 exclusively can be found
> here [3].
> I've updated our overview doc. on the state of 2.0.0 [1] but JIRA 2.0.0
> label [2] has undergone extensive weeding and presents a fairly good
> picture on what is yet to do before we 2.0.0. Check it out.
> Please take it for a spin and vote on whether it ok to put out as our first
> alpha (bar is low for an 'alpha'). Let the VOTE be open for 72 hours
> (Saturday)
> Thanks,
> St.Ack
> 1.
> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WCsVlnHjJeKUcl7wHwqb4z9iEu_ktczrlKHK8N4SZzs/edit#
> 2. https://issues.apache.org/jira/projects/HBASE/versions/12327188
> 3.
> https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HBASE-18611?jql=project%20%3D%20HBASE%20%20and%20(fixVersion%20%3D%202.0.0%20%7C%7C%20fixVersion%20%3D%202.0.0.alpha1%20%7C%7C%20fixVersion%20%3D%202.0.0-alpha-2)%20and%20fixVersion%20not%20in%20(1.0.0%2C%201.0.1%2C%201.0.2%2C%201.0.3%2C%201.0.4%2C%201.0.5%2C%201.0.6%2C%201.1.0%2C%201.1.1%2C%201.1.2%2C%201.1.3%2C%201.1.4%2C%201.1.5%2C%201.1.6%2C%201.1.7%2C%201.1.8%2C%201.1.9%2C%201.1.10%2C%201.2.0%2C%201.2.1%2C%201.2.2%2C%201.2.3%2C%201.2.4%2C%201.2.5%2C%201.2.6%2C%201.3.0%2C%201.3.1%2C%201.4.0)%20and%20%20(status%20%3D%20Open%20or%20status%20%3D%20%22Patch%20Available%22)
> 4.
> https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HBASE-18599?jql=project%20%3D%20HBASE%20%20and%20(%20fixVersion%20%3D%202.0.0%20%7C%7C%20fixVersion%20%3D%202.0.0-alpha-1%20%7C%7C%20fixVersion%20%3D%202.0.0-alpha-2)%20and%20(status%20%3D%20Resolved)

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