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From Stack <st...@duboce.net>
Subject Notes from dev meetup in Shenzhen, August 5th, 2017
Date Mon, 07 Aug 2017 16:06:48 GMT
At fancy Huawei headquarters, 10:00-12:00AM or so (with nice coffee and
fancy little cake squares provided about half way through the session).

For list of attendees, see picture at end of this email.

Discussion was mostly in Chinese with about 25% in English plus some
gracious sideline translation so the below is patchy. Hopefully you get the

For client-side scanner going against hfiles directly; is there a means of
being able to pass the permissions from hbase to hdfs?

Issues w/ the hbase 99th percentile were brought up. "DynamoDB can do
10ms". How to do better?

SSD is not enough.

GC messes us up.

Will the Distributed Log Replay come back to help improve MTTR? We could
redo on new ProcedureV2 basis. ZK timeout is the biggest issue. Do as we
used to and just rely on the regionserver heartbeating...

Read replica helps w/ MTTR.

Ratis incubator project to do a quorum based hbase?

Digression on licensing issues around fb wangle and folly.

Redo of hbase but quorum based would be another project altogether.

Decided to go around the table to talk about concerns and what people are
working on.

Jieshan wondered what could be done to improve OLAP over hbase.

Client side scanner was brought up again as means of skipping RS overhead
and doing better OLAP.

Have HBase compact to parquet files. Query parquet and hbase.

At Huawei, they are using 1.0 hbase. Most problems are assignment. They
have .5M regions. RIT is a killer. Double assignment issues. And RIT. They
run their own services. Suggested they upgrade to get fixes at least. Then

Will HBase federate like HDFS? Can Master handle load at large scale? It
needs to do federation too?

Anyone using Bulk loaded replication? (Yes, it just works so no one talks
about it...)

Request that fixes be backported to all active branches, not just most

Andrew was good at backporting... not all RMs are.

Too many branches. What should we do?

Proliferation of branches makes for too much work.

Need to cleanup bugs in 1.3. Make it stable release now.

Lets do more active EOL'ing of branches. 1.1?.

Hubert asked if we can have clusters where RS are differently capable? i.e.
several generations of HW all running in the same cluster.

What if fat server goes down.

Balancer could take of it all. RS Capacity. Balancer can take it into
Regionserver labels like YARN labels. Characteristics.

Or run it all in docker when heterogeneous cluster. The K8 talk from day
before was mentioned; we should all look at being able to deploy in k8 and

Lets put out kubernetes blog...(Doing).

Alibaba looking at HBase as native YARN app.

i/o is hard even when containers.

Use autoscaler of K8 when heavy user.

Limit i/o use w/ CP. Throttle.

Spark and client-side scanner came up again.

Snapshot input format in spark.

HBase federation came up again. jd.com talking of 3k to 4k nodes in a
cluster. Millions of regions. Region assignment is messing them up.

Maybe federation is good idea? Argument that it is too much operational
conplexity. Can we fix master load w/ splittable meta, etc?

Was brought up that even w/ 100s of RS there is scale issue, nvm thousands.

Alibaba talked about disaster recovery. Described issue where HDFS has
fencing problem during an upgrade. There was no active NN. All RS went down.
ZK is another POF. If ZK is not available. Operators were being asked how
much longer the cluster was going to be down but they could not answer the
question. No indicators from HBase on how much longer it will be down or
how many WALs its processed and how many more to go. Operator unable to
tell his org how long it would be before it all came back on line. Should
say how many regions are online and how many more to do.

Alibaba use SQL to lower cost. HBase API is low-level. Row-key construction
is tricky. New users make common mistakes. If you don't do schema right,
high-performance is difficult.

Alibaba are using a subset of Phoenix... simple sql only; throws exceptions
if user tries to do joins, etc.., anything but basic ops.

HareQL is using hive for meta store.  Don't have data typing in hbase.

HareQL could perhaps contribute some piece... or a module in hbase to
sql... From phoenix?

Secondary index.

Client is complicated in phoenix. Was suggested thin client just does
parse... and then offload to server for optimization and execution.

Then secondary index. Need transaction engine. Consistency of secondary

We adjourned.

Your dodgy secretary,
P.S. Please add to this base set of notes if I missed anything.

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