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From Stack <st...@duboce.net>
Subject Re: Moving 2.0 forward
Date Thu, 17 Aug 2017 19:35:18 GMT
I put up the hbase-2.0.0-alpha2 release candidate. Please vote on it.

For hbase-2.0.0-alpha3, the theme is solidifying API. I hope to get a
release out in the next week or so.

I did a weeding of 2.0.0 issues over the last day. If folks are interested
in helping out, below are the items I think we need done for alpha3 (below
are at least 'Critical' status, are API possibly altering items, and are
absent those JIRAs that are making active progress, i.e. the HTD/HCD revamp
by Chia-Ping Tsai). A project NOT listed that needs doing is what Andrew
did comparing 1.3. and 1.4 APIs

* HBASE-18622 Mitigate compatibility concerns between branch-1 and branch-2
This is to do what Andrew did between 1.3 and 1.4 branches only do it
between branch-1 and branch-2.

* HBASE-10462 Recategorize some of the client facing Public / Private
This one is almost done. It could do with a finish, attention to the items
in last comment, and then our codebase could do with another sweep after
the spirit of this issue since a bunch has gone in since the pass that was
the basis of this issue.

* HBASE-10504 Define Replication Interface
I was going to take a crack at this as part of the revamp forced by
'HBASE-15982 Interface ReplicationEndpoint extends Guava's Service' but if
anyone else is interested, be my guest.

* HBASE-14996 Some more API cleanup for 2.0
Has a bunch of subtasks, some of which are being worked on. Needs finishing.

* HBASE-14998 Unify synchronous and asynchronous methods in Admin and
Needs a pass. Small issue I think. Could also look at new AsyncClient and
make sure symmetry.

* HBASE-15607 Remove PB references from Admin for 2.0
Predicated on result of an ongoing DISCUSSION thread but needs to be done.

Rolling upgrade will have implications for our API. Would be good to try it
and figure what needs fixup (as said above, according to trial by Sean, we
might not be too bad here):
* HBASE-16060 1.x clients cannot access table state talking to 2.0 cluster
* HBASE-16550 Procedure v2 - Add AM compatibility for 2.x Master and 1.x
RSs; i.e. support Rolling Upgrade from hbase-1 to -2.

* HBASE-17442 Move most of the replication related classes to hbase-server
The above would be good to do generally but it may make for ripples in API
so would be good to do now.

* HBASE-18106 Redo ProcedureInfo and LockInfo
Balazs is working on this. The idea is that we avoid adding two new types
to our API, two types that are nought but curtailed, read-only views on
internals. Input if you have time appreciated.

* HBASE-18596 A hbase1 cluster should be able to replicate to a hbase2
cluster; verify
Esteban is looking at this one

* HBASE-9417 SecureBulkLoadEndpoint should be folded in core
* HBASE-17143 Scan improvement

Our Coprocessor Interface needs a tough edit. It exposes implementations
marked audience Private and returns implementations rather than Interfaces.
In a few locations, we allow returning an alternate implementation
altogether which is probably something we don't want a CP doing. To that
end, the following issues started by Duo and Anoop need to be taken to the
finish line; ideally they'd have an owner:

* HBASE-18169 Coprocessor fix and cleanup before 2.0.0 release <= The
umbrella issue.
* HBASE-18298 RegionServerServices Interface cleanup for CP expose
* HBASE-16769 Deprecate/remove PB references from MasterObserver and


* HBASE-15284 Make TimeRange constructors IA.Private and remove unused
TimeRange constructors

* HBASE-10944 Remove all kv.getBuffer() and kv.getRow() references existing
in the code
This is the end of an old long-running project moving up on to Cell
Interface. We think it is done but for a few little items (deprecate KV
methods in MR and provide Cell versions instead...)

* HBASE-13271 Table#puts(List<Put>) operation is indeterminate; needs fixing

* HBASE-13346 Clean up Filter package for post 1.0

* HBASE-14255 Simplify Cell creation post 1.0
* HBASE-14997
Move compareOp and Comparators out of filter to client package

* HBASE-13740 Stop using Hadoop private interfaces

What about:

* HBASE-18601 Remove Htrace 3.2
As has been noted, the HTrace API is our 'trace' API.

If interested in any of the above and you need a legup, just ask in the
issue and I'll be by....


On Mon, Aug 14, 2017 at 10:54 AM, Stack <stack@duboce.net> wrote:

> Heads-up:
> I'm about to put up an hbase-2.0.0-alpha2 Release Candidate. Theme is
> updated dependencies, reliance on relocated popular libs (guava, netty,
> protobuf), purge of checked-in generated src, and master-carries-no-regions
> by default.
> alpha3 I hope will follow soon after (end-of-August?). Its theme will be
> settling the APIs and compatibility (At first blush, we are not looking too
> bad; our Sean ran some tests over weekend that have hbase-1 client running
> against an hbase-2 cluster....). The Coprocessor Interface revamp should be
> done by alpha3 (i.e. returning Interfaces rather than Implementations, and
> our shutdown of CPs accessing classes in hbase marked InterfaceAudience).
> We'll also have purged thirdparty classes from our API; e.g. guava 0.12
> Service showing through in our replication API and protobufs in Admin
> Interface. On alpha3, we will have to do a bunch of outreach to make sure
> our downstreamers are up on what is coming down the pipe.
> Beta1 in mid-September?
> I encourage you to check out the items marked for hbase2:
> https://issues.apache.org/jira/projects/HBASE/versions/12327188 Edit as
> you see appropriate. Punt if you know the JIRA will not get any attention
> in next month or so.
> A bunch of issues marked blocker are unassigned. I'll leave them as is
> another while but I'll boot them soon.
> While I have your attention:
> + I think we should leave thrift version at 0.9.3. Moving hbase thrift to
> 0.10.0 will break existing clients. The change is easy enough if folks need
> to upgrade their hbase thrift. See HBASE-18591.
> + Upgrade from 0.94 is disallowed. You have to get to 1.0 first (0.98?).
> St.Ack
> On Wed, Aug 2, 2017 at 9:43 AM, Stack <stack@duboce.net> wrote:
>> On Tue, Aug 1, 2017 at 2:06 PM, Josh Elser <elserj@apache.org> wrote:
>>> On 7/31/17 9:00 AM, Stack wrote:
>>>> On Mon, Jul 24, 2017 at 12:25 PM, Josh Elser<elserj@apache.org>  wrote:
>>>> ...
>>>>> I like the idea of this also hitting 2.0 as it would make the feature
>>>>> bit more "real", but am obviously a little nervous (I have no reason
>>>>> to be
>>>>> nervous though). I am pretty happy with the feature in terms of how
>>>>> much it
>>>>> is covered via testing.
>>>>> https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HBASE-17748
>>>>> Sounds good to me. Whats involved? Backport? If so, +1 Josh.
>>>> Last think on space quota says that need doc too. See 'Space Quota' in
>>>> here:
>>>> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WCsVlnHjJeKUcl7wHwqb4z9i
>>>> Eu_ktczrlKHK8N4SZzs/edit#heading=h.wuw3a6jukzo5
>>>> Does this little section need an update Josh?
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> S
>>> Yep, just a couple of cherry-picks. Good test coverage and some docs
>>> already included for 17748.  Happy to put that on my plate if you're good
>>> with it. I can reasonably assume that no one is against it :)
>>> I think I had knocked out docs for the "phase 1" stuff before we merged
>>> it in from the original feature branch. I'll double check and update the
>>> gdoc. Perhaps this was just a timing thing.
>> Thanks Josh,
>> S

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