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From Yoom Nguyen <y...@misoccer.us>
Subject Re: Multiple match's Filter is NOT WORKING
Date Mon, 20 Mar 2017 04:29:30 GMT

Would anyone know if this is the right forum to ask this type of question? If not, would you
suggest where I should try to ask this type of question before I am giving up using HBASE
all together. 
I am stuck for a while now and not able to get any advice from anyone. 

Thanks in advance, 

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From: "Yoom Nguyen" <yoom@misoccer.us> 
To: dev@hbase.apache.org 
Sent: Sunday, March 19, 2017 5:46:17 PM 
Subject: Multiple match's Filter is NOT WORKING 

I am having problems getting correct match's results from searching through multiple HBASE's
Is there a bug in HBASE's filter? Wondering if anyone know HBASE \ Java well and willing to
help out or for a fee. 
Is this a bug with HBASE? 

HBASE Release 0.98.8 - 11/18/2014 

Would someone help me out with the problem or confirmation whether HBASE is the right tool
or not. 

Here are the details of the problem: 
First I am reading some data from one table and storing in a vector or arrayList: Is there
a better way or different approach to achieve the results than what I am heading? I am stuck
trying to get the correct results with the following approach. 

//First, I am reading some data from one table and storing in a vector or arrayList: 

for (Result r : rs) { 
for (KeyValue kv : r.raw()) { 
if (new String(kv.getFamily()).equals("name")) { 
temp = new String(kv.getValue()); 

//Then, I want to search a different table based on the values of this vector. 
//I used filters to do this: (I tried BinaryPrefixComparator and BinaryComparator as well)

FilterList filterList = new FilterList(FilterList.Operator.MUST_PASS_ONE); 

for (int c = 0; c < x.size(); c++) { 
filterList.addFilter(new SingleColumnValueFilter(Bytes.toBytes("name"), null, 
CompareOp.EQUAL, new SubstringComparator( x.get(c).toString() ))); 

//I should get 3 results back, however I only get one result back, the first entry in the
What doesn't make sense is that when I hardcode the value that I am looking for into my code,
I will get all 3 results back. 

I thought there might be some issue with converting the bytes to String and then back to bytes,
but that would not explain how it was able to bring back the first result. For some reason,
it is stopping at the first match and doesn't continue to find the other 2 rows that contain
matching data. If I hardcode it i get the results: 

filterList.addFilter(new SingleColumnValueFilter(Bytes.toBytes("mpnum"), null, CompareOp.EQUAL,
new SubstringComparator( x.get(0).toString() ))); 

edit: Here is the contents of the tables: 

0 column=gpnum:, timestamp=1481300288449, value=def123 
0 column=mpnum:, timestamp=1481300273355, value=abc123 
0 column=price:, timestamp=1481300255337, value=85.0 
1 column=gpnum:, timestamp=1481301599999, value=def2244 
1 column=mpnum:, timestamp=1481301582336, value=011511607 
1 column=price:, timestamp=1481301673886, value=0.76 


0 column=brand:, timestamp=1481300227283, value=x 
0 column=mpnum:, timestamp=1481300212289, value=abc123 
0 column=price:, timestamp=1481300110950, value=50.0 
1 column=mpnum:, timestamp=1481301806687 , value=011511607 
1 column=price:, timestamp=1481301777345 , value=1.81 
13 column=webtype:, timestamp=1483507543878, value=US 
3 column=avail:, timestamp=1481306538360, value=avail 
3 column=brand:, timestamp=1481306538360, value=brand 
3 column=descr:, timestamp=1481306538360, value=description 
3 column=dist:, timestamp=1481306538360, value=distributor 
3 column=mpnum:, timestamp=1481306538360, value=pnum 
3 column=price:, timestamp=1481306538360, value=price 
3 column=url:, timestamp=1481306538360, value=url 
3 column=webtype:, timestamp=1481306538360, value=webtype 
4 column=avail:, timestamp=1481306538374, value=4 
4 column=brand:, timestamp=1481306538374, value=x 
4 column=descr:, timestamp=1481306538374, value=description 
4 column=dist:, timestamp=1481306538374, value=x 
4 column=mpnum:, timestamp=1482117383212 , value=011511607 
4 column=price:, timestamp=1481306538374 , value=34.51 
4 column=url:, timestamp=1481306538374, value=x:q! 
4 column=webtype:, timestamp=1481306538374, value=US 
5 column=avail:, timestamp=1481306538378, value= 
5 column=brand:, timestamp=1481306538378, value=name 
5 column=descr:, timestamp=1481306538378, value=x 
5 column=dist:, timestamp=1481306538378, value=x 
5 column=mpnum:, timestamp=1482117392043 , value=011511607 
5 column=price:, timestamp=1481306538378 , value=321.412 
5 column=url:, timestamp=1481306538378, value=x.com 

THIRD TABLE (to store result matches) 

0 column=brand:, timestamp=1481301813849, value=name 
0 column=cprice:, timestamp=1481301813849, value=1.81 
0 column=gpnum:, timestamp=1481301813849, value=def2244 
0 column=gprice:, timestamp=1481301813849, value=0.76 
0 column=mpnum:, timestamp=1481301813849, value=011511607 

**should be three matches those that are in bold above but only brings back one match 

Your help is much appreciated. Thank You Yoom 

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