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From Josh Elser <els...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Drop the support of jdk7 at a future 1.x release
Date Fri, 09 Sep 2016 18:11:14 GMT

Sean Busbey wrote:
> This would be a very big breaking change in release numbering that goes
> against our compatibility guidelines. We only drop support for Java
> versions on major releases.
> If we want features that require newer jdks sooner, we should make major
> releases sooner.

+1 On this exactly

> On Sep 8, 2016 20:54, "Duo Zhang"<zhangduo@apache.org>  wrote:
>> The main reason is the asynchronous api we want to introduce in HBase
>> today. See HBASE-13784 and HBASE-16505.
>> The CompletableFuture in java8 is very suitable to use as the return value
>> of a async method. We can not use it if we still want to support java7, and
>> sadly, there is no candidate which is good enough to replace
>> CompletableFuture. ListenableFuture in guava or Promise in netty are good,
>> but we do not want to expose third-party classes in our public
>> API(especially guava, you know...). And we can also implement our own
>> ListenableFuture but it just a copy of guava. Or introduce a simple
>> Callback interface which does not need much code(for us) but this is a code
>> style around 2000s so people will not like it...
>> And luckily, I found that in our documentation
>> http://hbase.apache.org/book.html#basic.prerequisites
>> We only say that 1.3 will be compatible with jdk7, not all 1.x.
>> So here I propose that we drop the support of jdk7 in a future 1.x release,
>> maybe 1.4? Thus we can use CompletableFuture in both master and branch-1.
>> Thanks.

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