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From Talat Uyarer <ta...@uyarer.com>
Subject Google Summer Of Code 2016
Date Tue, 22 Mar 2016 10:04:47 GMT
Hi All,

I am Talat UYARER. I am PMC member and Commiter at Nutch and Gora. I
have few contributions to Hbase and want to work for HBase in GSoC
2016. As far as I know, you haven't selected any issue for GSoC.

I am wondering is there anybody who can be a mentor for GSoC in HBase?

BTW I talked with Enis Soztutar. He offered some topics for GSoC. These are:
- He mentioned The Data blocks are stored as PREFIX, FAST_DIFF, etc.
encoding. But these encodings just can use in HFile context. In RPC
and WAL we use KeyValueEncoding for Cell Blocks. He told "You can
improve them or using HFile encodings in RPC and WAL" ( He didn't say
the issue number But I guessed it is HBASE-12883 Support block
encoding based on knowing set of column qualifiers up front)
- HBASE-14379 Replication V2
- HBASE-8691 High-Throughput Streaming Scan API
- HBASE-3529 Native Solr Indexer for HBase(He just mentioned HBase ->
SOLR indexing. I guess it could be this issue.)

Could you help me for selecting topics or could you offer another issue ?


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