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From Andrew Purtell <apurt...@apache.org>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] HBase 0.98.14 is now available for download
Date Tue, 01 Sep 2015 21:09:13 GMT
Apache HBase 0.98.14 is now available for download. Get it from an Apache
mirror [1] or Maven repository.

The list of changes in this release can be found in the release notes [2]
or following this announcement.

Thanks to all who contributed to this release.

The HBase Dev Team

1. http://www.apache.org/dyn/closer.lua/hbase/
2. http://s.apache.org/A51

HBASE-5878 Use getVisibleLength public api from HdfsDataInputStream from
HBASE-7847 Use zookeeper multi to clear znodes
HBASE-8642 [Snapshot] List and delete snapshot by table
HBASE-10844 Coprocessor failure during batchmutation leaves the memstore
datastructs in an inconsistent state
HBASE-11276 Add back support for running ChaosMonkey as standalone tool
HBASE-11819 Unit test for CoprocessorHConnection
HBASE-12596 bulkload needs to follow locality
HBASE-12865 WALs may be deleted before they are replicated to peers
HBASE-12967 Invalid FQCNs in alter table command leaves the table unusable
HBASE-13356 HBase should provide an InputFormat supporting multiple scans
in mapreduce jobs over snapshots
HBASE-13561 ITBLL.Verify doesn't actually evaluate counters after job
HBASE-13639 SyncTable - rsync for HBase tables
HBASE-13646 HRegion#execService should not try to build incomplete messages
HBASE-13666 book.pdf is not renamed during site build
HBASE-13706 CoprocessorClassLoader should not exempt Hive classes
HBASE-13730 Backport HBASE-13576 (Failure in checking one region should not
fail the entire HBCK operation) to 0.98
HBASE-13743 Backport HBASE-13709 (Updates to meta table server columns may
be eclipsed) to 0.98
HBASE-13755 Provide single super user check implementation
HBASE-13825 Use ProtobufUtil#mergeFrom and ProtobufUtil#mergeDelimitedFrom
in place of builder methods of same name
HBASE-13835 KeyValueHeap.current might be in heap when exception happens in
HBASE-13849 Remove restore and clone snapshot from the WebUI
HBASE-13861 BucketCacheTmpl.jamon has wrong bucket free and used labels
HBASE-13865 Increase the default value for
hbase.hregion.memstore.block.multipler from 2 to 4 (part 2)
HBASE-13877 Interrupt to flush from TableFlushProcedure causes dataloss in
HBASE-13878 Set hbase.fs.tmp.dir config in HBaseTestingUtility.java for
Phoenix UT to use
HBASE-13881 Bug in HTable#incrementColumnValue implementation
HBASE-13885 ZK watches leaks during snapshots
HBASE-13892 Scanner with all results filtered out results in NPE
HBASE-13897 OOM may occur when Import imports a row with too many KeyValues
HBASE-13899 Jacoco instrumentation fails under jdk8
HBASE-13901 Error while calling watcher on creating and deleting an HBase
HBASE-13918 Fix hbase:namespace description in webUI
HBASE-13923 Loaded region coprocessors are not reported in shell status
HBASE-13925 Use zookeeper multi to clear znodes in ZKProcedureUtil
HBASE-13933 DBE's seekBefore with tags corrupts the tag's offset
information thus leading to incorrect results
HBASE-13935 Orphaned namespace table ZK node should not prevent master to
HBASE-13937 Partially revert HBASE-13172
HBASE-13938 Deletes done during the region merge transaction may get
HBASE-13940 IntegrationTestBulkLoad needs option to specify output folders
used by test
HBASE-13945 Prefix_Tree seekBefore() does not work correctly
HBASE-13958 RESTApiClusterManager calls kill() instead of suspend() and
HBASE-13959 Region splitting uses a single thread in most common cases
HBASE-13961 SnapshotManager#initialize should set snapshotLayoutVersion if
it allows to create snapshot with old layout format
HBASE-13963 avoid leaking jdk.tools
HBASE-13969 AuthenticationTokenSecretManager is never stopped in RPCServer
HBASE-13970 NPE during compaction in trunk
HBASE-13978 Variable never assigned in
HBASE-13985 Add configuration to skip validating HFile format when bulk
HBASE-13988 Add exception handler for lease thread
HBASE-13994 Backport HBASE-13917 (Remove string comparison to identify
request priority) to 0.98
HBASE-13995 ServerName is not fully case insensitive
HBASE-13996 Add write sniffing in canary
HBASE-14002 Add --noReplicationSetup option to IntegrationTestReplication
HBASE-14005 Set permission to .top hfile in LoadIncrementalHFiles
HBASE-14022 TestMultiTableSnapshotInputFormatImpl uses a class only
available in JRE 1.7+
HBASE-14042 Fix FATAL level logging in FSHLog where logged for non fatal
HBASE-14048 isPBMagicPrefix should always check for null data
HBASE-14050 NPE in
HBASE-14054 Acknowledged writes may get lost if regionserver clock is set
HBASE-14057 HBase shell user_permission should list super users defined on
HBASE-14085 Correct LICENSE and NOTICE files in artifacts
HBASE-14086 remove unused bundled dependencies
HBASE-14089 Remove unnecessary draw of system entropy from
HBASE-14097 Log link to client scan troubleshooting section when scanner
exceptions happen.
HBASE-14105 Add shell tests for Snapshot
HBASE-14122 Client API for determining if server side supports cell level
HBASE-14146 Once replication sees an error it slows down forever
HBASE-14154 DFS Replication should be configurable at column family level
HBASE-14157 Interfaces implemented by subclasses should be checked when
registering CoprocessorService
HBASE-14168 Avoid useless retry for DoNotRetryIOException in
HBASE-14176 Add missing headers to META-INF files
HBASE-14178 regionserver blocks because of waiting for offsetLock
HBASE-14195 Closed connections are not removed from ConnectionCache
(Thrift, REST)
HBASE-14196 Thrift server idle connection timeout issue
HBASE-14199 maven-remote-resources-plugin failure processing NOTICE.vm in
HBASE-14209 TestShell visibility tests failing
HBASE-14210 Create test for cell level ACLs involving user group
HBASE-14214 list_labels shouldn't raise ArgumentError if no labels are
HBASE-14225 Exclude **/target/** from RAT checks
HBASE-14243 Incorrect NOTICE file in hbase-it test-jar
HBASE-14246 branch 0.98 and earlier has incorrect LICENSE/NOTICE for
several dependencies
HBASE-14250 branch-1.1 hbase-server test-jar has incorrect LICENSE
HBASE-14251 javadoc jars use LICENSE/NOTICE from primary artifact
HBASE-14260 don't build javadocs for hbase-protocol module
HBASE-14264 Update RAT plugin version in 0.98 branch
HBASE-14275 Backport to 0.98 HBASE-10785 Metas own location should be cached
HBASE-14288 Upgrade asciidoctor plugin to v1.5.2.1
HBASE-14297 Fix a long standing nit with 0.98 source assemblies
HBASE-14303 LICENSE and NOTICE files missing in root dir of Hadoop 1 binary
convenience artifact

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